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Short Update

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I've been recently working on the site to update it in the past couple of weeks and I thought I'd share some of the updates with you to keep you from guessing from what is going on.




As many of you will now know, our forum uses a reputation system, and you can give reputation to a user by clicking the green button at the end of their post, giving them one rep point. You can remove one rep point by clicking the red button. We encourage you to use the reputation system on posts that are helpful to you, or that help other users, generally, helpful posts as a means of acknowledgement to the user that their post was helpful. Recently, I have updated this, and page loading should have significantly increased when viewing other users reputation (both given and received) and while viewing threads. This also uses AJAX now, as such, this means you don't need to refresh the page when giving reputation.


This brings me on to another area:


Page Loading:


I have been working hard to make sure that pages load in the minimum amount of time possible, you should be able to see a large difference when viewing threads, the forum index (and also your profile). - but most of all, the main site's homepage The same goes for our download central. I have recently added several new features and intend to incorporate more. For example, the latest file in each download section is displayed on the downloads index, and I recommend you clearing your browser cache before using the downloads system again due to the fact several URLs have changed and you may receive 404 errors. I also intend to add a statistics page where you can view statistics about the entire download central. Currently, we have had over 3, 700 downloads in total!


Emails: Emails are now sent (some, I'm working on the rest) in nice HTML instead of plain white for reply notifications for threads and I'm working on the PM now.




A new warning system has been installed. You can view the warning types here: http://forums.stronghold-nation.com/warnings/


Let me know what you all think!




The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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