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Lord Vetka

Candahar, a new Extreme map to test.

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My new Extreme map "Candahar" is ready for testing, this is the map you suggested EaglePrince.


You asked for a valley and to be on low ground so you can dig motes, I give you 2 allied enemies with 4 outposts each, 2 of each, and you have 2 allies, the valley goes around, at the head of the valley is the enemy keeps on high ground, at the start of the turn you will find a keep for an ally and just around the corner you will find another keep for an ally and a little further you will find your keep, your allies each have 2 outposts and you don't get one.


The map is unbalanced, the top of the map has growing area and stone, the 2 keeps below have iron stone and a little growing area, and enough wood for everybody. I have the map in the intended play mode and a 6 player map with each site having 2 outposts, I've played a couple of times and lost, but the maps works fine.


If you would like to test this map then ask here and give me your email or send me an email and I will send the map.


Thank You!



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