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Korsfarer Mogens

Need Beta-testers for Stronghold Crusader Aiv Mod

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Been working on a whole new AIV folder/mod for months, and probably spent more than 600 hours on it so far. More on the work on the AIV below.

Need some testers for this AIV mod. I've made 8 new castles for each of the 16 characters, 128 new castles in total, and none of them are identical. There will be around 60 scenarios (30 from original trail and 30 from warchest trail) in total for you testers. I'll do the rest (some I've already done). I have a hard time doing it (everything), as I have Multiple Sclerosis, which - among other things - affects my ability to use the mouse (clicking at the right thing with the right button at the right time), my concentration, and my short term/working memory. That's also part of the reason why I've already spent so much time on this.

You, the tester, will have to play some scenarios on the crusader trail and the warchest trail, and report of any problems you encounter. After attempting to fix the issue, I'll ask you to replay that particular scenario. You will not have to play the full scenarios, only enough for you to make sure that all castles behave ok, but they don't have to be perfect. You'll receive more detailed instructions if you want to participate.

About the AIV mod, and how - and why - it was made: I did these 128 new AIVs to give players an opportunity the replay the trails at increased difficulty. My only goal(s) for the castles were to give them a stronger defence, and possibly also an improved economy. I feel I've succeded in that (have thoroughly tested all AIVs against the old AIVs and also against each other). I will claim success except for one character: Philip. Firefly Studios couldn't have done more to make the perfect "Artificial Unintelligence".

I have not been able to change the behavior of the in-game characters (although it's possible with the unofficial patch, it would also warrant the user to install that patch). So only the castle layouts have changed. The only goals I had was stated above, so there's a lot of square boxes. Spectacular designs was not part of the assignment. There are a few different castles, especially Saladins, and none of the original castles have had any influence on these designs. No more weird designs (ex: rat and snake), but instead give all AIs the opportunity to build big square (european lords) and round (arab lords) towers with machinery (ballistas and/or mangonels). So all AIs have these now, and they all also use fire-ballistas. So they will definitely defend themselves better (with the exception of Philip), and maybe even become a threat to you. All AIVs have been testet to function with a 2000 gold start, which means they become quite aggressive really fast if they're give more gold to start with, which often happens in the trail scenarios.

Like to participate, or have questions? Please write below.

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I submit my work to Stronghold Nation today. It will up for download when approved.

One great thing about this: I did everything myself, and don't owe anything to anyone! 😜

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