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How can i read the encrypted code from the cfg file at Documents?

I want to change resolution higher than 1024x768 at the 1.1 non hd version

Personally i prefer the 1.41 version, but really every pro gamer on GameRanger play 1.1.....

I was able to fix the fullscreen by using Nvidia Control Panel, but i have no solution how to make higher resolution.

My preffered resolution is 1980x1080. But unfortunatly 1.1 version has only 800x600 and 1024x768

I need change the resolution without changing the gaming version

I'm not sure if im supposed to edit the cfg file or the exe file itself in the HxD Editor or Notepad++

I literally searching since moths now and even have asked Firely Studio once by Customer Support....

I desperatly need an solution for this, because i really passionately love this game.

The only Multiplayer i know is GameRanger, and GameSpy is already shut down since 2014...

I need to join all tournaments, because im an really strong player, as long as i can use my wished resolution. 

At low resolution do i play like only 10% of my Powers, and thats really frustrating for me.

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No, there is no way to do it through the cfg file. To change the resolution to a higher one, it has to be done throw exe and other files - simply because of how changing resolution in Crusader works. (That is, the game just had to be patched to an HD version.) It adds something to corners which in lower resolutions wouldn't be visible - among other things.

On the bright side, you're not the only one playing "on 10% of your power". Others see less in the 1024x768 resolution too. :)

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