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  1. but if I can't play the map other than the way that was said, how can maybe play multiplayer.
  2. What if I would like to make a map to share with others? Then what do I do for that?
  3. So I have been searching for the answer on how to make a map in Crusader Extreme. All of the help guides that I find say this.? Open up the SCE map editor?(DO NOT PRESS CREATE MAP YET) Now, READ STEP 3 CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU DO STEP 3. Create a new map then press [ESC] on your keyboard First off, I no way does it show or tell how to get into the SCE map editor. When I go into the game it gives me Custom Scenarios. When you go into there, it gives you option to Load Map or New Map. If you select New Map, you have to choose the size first, if you press ESC, it just takes you out of that menu back to the main menu. So my question is. How do I create a map using SCE?
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