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  1. Yes, Ive read the policies before registering, therefore, I wanted to be honest with you :) That site is actually somehow supervised, because, for example, Microsoft kindly asked them to take out all Microsoft games and they did it. I tottally understand your position and I agree, I buy the games I like, but I did not want to buy another game, plus, I would have to buy it on the internet, because I have not seen it in shops for a looooong time. Everything is occupied by call of duty and such.
  2. The white bird, first on the left of the bottom row But isnt it strange, that only some maps go like this? And most of them somehow magically fix in time? It is a cracked on, from a tightly controlled site, so it is not virused or anything. I lost my playing disk of a legal copy (I can show you I have one of the two CDs in the box, just not to be judged :)), so I have let myself to download it?:|
  3. Ok, so, guys, I can upload a map saying, that it is not mine, even?if I dont know who the creator is? I mean, would it be okay if I said something like "I did not create the map, I just downloaded it from stronghold heaven and applied it for me and my friend to be more enjoyable and I decided I want to share. I have not changed any of the maps names, so you can simply look for them in here by the same names, without my name on them"? Eagle, I am currently discussing with Chris, my version is 1.4 and probably this is the reason why I cannot connect to most games and, currently, even edit events in war scenarios. I would love to play and I could even make more colourful and interesting maps with more than two players :) Chris, I will upload all of them separately, firstly, because I hate map bundles (unless its a scenario package) and, secondly, there are only a dozen of maps, but they all had such replayability, that we played on three maps for about half a year :D
  4. I know, Ive read in this forum, that my version is unstable. But I get the error, that the installation wizard has not found Stronghold deluxe on my computer And another thing - my game freezes and then automatically exits to desktop every time I am trying to add a crane in the map, so you can never see cranes in my map. It works fine, though, if I download map with cranes in it.? Oh, and some of the maps also make the game stop responding and then it exits automatically. For example, the contest winner in the Adventure, Aleks_Riverbourne would make my game crash both opening to play or in the map editor, though Vetkas' and Nigels' map worked perfectly. But most of the times, after some time passes, I can play and edit these maps
  5. Tokamaps, I never knew!! You just add two lords and thats it? Chris, no, I am not into modifications on my stronghold 2. Yet :D The unstable one, Stronghold 2 Deluxe 1.4. When I tried updating it to 1.4.1 it gives me an error in the end of the installation
  6. Tokamaps, you are a genius in manipulating the flaws of the game, I love it! I will be really waiting for the next tutorial!
  7. Lord Chris, its funny now, because, for some reason, I cant edit my event in war scenarios! I can only make a mission to kill an enemy lord, that it. Invasion numbers wont change, I cant change anything at trader, at any percentages, time delays or restrictions on weaponry. I will try to reinstall stronghold with a backup of all the documents Tokamaps, sorry, I didnt quite understand, try to expand your thought. I remmember, that you are german, but just try to explain more, what did you mean?
  8. Haha, me too, I am very excited and looking forward to it, put my heart into it?:D
  9. Nigel, wow, I actually believed it, it is really nice and realistic! And thank you for the linguistics explanation, I knew about Huscarl meaning, but I did not recognize the connection between "Karl" and "Huscarl" I never heard about Fyrd as well, but, I should say, that I am not strong in British history whatsoever :) You know, actually, you just used some creativity and some historical tendencies manipulation, so we could even believe, that this tradition might be real, haha. I did some historical manipulation with my own character creation (I speeded up the unification of Lithuania by two hundred years), but it is also mostly based on true facts and customs of Lithuania :)
  10. Yes, spamming catapults is for sure the one way to victory, yet, it is not that interesting, but it is the easiest, I only use that when I'm desperate, though, I never go above 20 :) Ha, my maps ?actually have everything you mentioned - neutral villages with their own lifes, camps of outlaws hidden in the forests and ambushing caravans, different animals with caves they live in and so on. The problem is, most of (99%) of these maps are actually downloaded from Stronghold Heaven and then I edit them. Let me explain why, before blaming me: landscaping is reaaaaally tiring for me, therefore, it is too hard for me to to create a map from a scrap. So I grab the most basic map and then I make it alive. Why I don't upload them? I don't want to get any credits for maps that I have not created. But me and my friend enjoy them, because I add secret passages, more eye candy (like caves and neutral towers or forester lookout points, neutral inns and neutral farm fields), outlaws and villages. Some times I actually DO change the landscape, but yet again, I don't want to get any credits for the maps I have not created :) Putting neutral castles - yes. You can put anything neutral from building menu and even equip tiny estates with tower ballistaes or gates. But neutral troops - sadly, but no. As I am always playing with my friend, in the edits of maps I simply add our troops in the editor to guard some passages and make the environment more lively (for example a berserker or two near the woodcutters camp or a band of engineers near a siege tunnel, which is actually a mine or a light cavalry near the inn, taking care of his horse or some monks praying near a holy site). I really enjoy making the map alive and sneaky, but not making the landscapes. BUT I am creating right at this exact moment my first stronghold map, haha, its for me and my friend, a siege map, because we got tired of building from scrap and want some battles, therefore, I am creating a kingsmaker map, but with all the presset troops and no space for him to build, so, its just a siege?:) And I would LOVE to play with anybody of you, but I have to stress out, that my stronghold multiplayer (for some reason everybody in Lithuania has this issue) most of the times won't load maps of other people, and I can not press "Ready". I was succesfull to join only polish, german and lithuanian guys
  11. Dear Tokamaps, youre work is simply amazing, I am astonished by your discoveries. Say, has Firefly already invited you to be their map creator??:rolleyes: I am looking forward for all the rest tutorials, but especially the #2 bridge design, working rock defences and hidden tunnel entrance! Keep it up, Tokamaps, you are amazing!
  12. 4. Yes, you are right. My friend uses them quite more often, mostly to break sieges (which is, I guess, the thing you mentioned unfair), but I use them as a perfect distraction?:) 5. Yes, and now you reminded me of another rule we have, I will add it to all the rules I wrote and edit the Trebuchet one!! 8-10. Exactly right you are?:)?We actually play just a kind of castle-builder sim and layout our fantasies and then just adore each others castles and tell each other about some significant or interesting points (we talk on skype all the time). For example, I always have patrolling pikemen or swordsmen inside the castle and on the entrances of gates to look as authentic as possible. A pikeman is guarding a feasting lord, a pair of pikemen are guarding the chambers of Lords lady, the travelling fair is supervised by a pair of guards, if I have free time, I even sometimes put few spearmen near baracks and put a pikeman near them as a drill sergeant, haha. We have lots of ideas, I have maps with neutral taverns near the main crossroads, abandoned towers, secret passages and sneaky forest paths... I use all the advantages found in the internet and my own creativity, even Churches with graveyards, witch swamps, sacred altars with monks praying and so on, haha. Getting back to the main point (sorry for being off-topic), yes, the fights are exactly as you mentioned. It has to be very well tactisised. I can tell you our last battle, few days ago, if you want, to get a proper understanding of how it goes, though, this was quite unusual for us, but with all the rules?:)
  13. Hello, Nigel, its nice hearing from you! I wanted to ask you, is this a real tradition to name second sond Karl/Charles? Cause it sounds really fine! And thank you for the compliments, as I mentioned, I thought, that the story somehow lacks something a little humorous, you know, somebody that would be into a brawl, maybe even barbaric, but yet still loyal. And I wrote everything from my head, but its how Lithuania actually was in the medieval?:) Hopefully, I will be able to role-play good enough, without going all "Game of Thrones" or "Vikings" style, haha. Because I am also used to play as a noble sir, rather than a plain-soldier :)
  14. *Edit: I can't delete the codes for some reason, sorry Charles of Tours, through reading the adventure pages and the characters created here, I decided, that this awesome party of heroes lack something less charming and gentle and more ferocious and lawless, if you don't mind :) Therefore, I will create a character, that, in my opinion, will add these attributes: Character name: Skirgaila i? Kernav?s (in english it would be Skirgaila from Kernave, but to adjust to the characters background, simply stick to Skirgaila) Character age: Something between late twenties and early fourties, its all in the beard and the amount of road-dust on his face[/font][/size] Personality: Easily provoked, but not hot-headed. Likes a good fight, yet, it is not necessary a fair fight. Despite rather arrogant and foolish on the first glance, appears to be optimistic, good laugh loving and loyal friend. You can never call him humble, but he respects and helps the poor, nevertheless, never refuses a reward. Though, spends almost everything in taverns on ale, food and maids... Coming from Lithuania, he has quite warm feelings for Pagans and Nordic people, yet, he is not favorable in any religion - he doesnt like obeying, unless its paid. Loves dogs Titles: He is nor a sire, nor a lord. Even if he had any titles when he was in his ancestors' land, those are not his belongings anymore Possessions: A worn chainmail underneath simple hunters clothes, nice soft shoes, a mare named Hestra, a round leather-hardened wooden shield, a spear that is as usable on foot as from horseback, his favorite hatchet, which he uses for any purpose (from skinning to wood-cutting and fighting) and a drinking horn. In his shoe, he has three coins, the last ones he has left, not even sure how much of worth are they Talents & Skills:?Raised in forests and meadows of Lithuania, Skirgaila knows how to silently?track animals and men, he wields a bow just as good as his hatchet and he grew up in a saddle, so he knows how to handle a horse. He has some sailing experience, though, the only thing he loves more than a forest is a tavern, of course. He loves to sing tavern and sailing songs ("Tom of Bedlam"?is almost as his own anthem, but he loves "Pints a Flowin" and "Drunken Sailer" just as much) but he is not a minstrel for sure. He can speak all lithuanian dialects, understands danish and is able to keep a conversation in english, yet, mostly basic Physical Description: Average height for a lithuanian, but a head taller than most englishmen, Skirgaila is well-built, about 6,1 feet and 220 pounds. His belly gives away his relationship with ale, yet, he tends to wear chainmail most of the time, which hides his belly, so he looks as fit as a young lad. Blond middle-lenght hair?and a rusty double-braided beard reaching his chest. Despite the impression of a drunkard, this man is capable to maintain and win a fierce fight and changes unrecognisably in the forest Brief History:?Though none of the events were related with him, from his childhood Skirgaila was thrown into a political storm. Skirgailas' fathers sovereign took him and Skirgaila to a feast of Lithuanian chiefs and dukes in ?emaitija. To a huge disgrace of his family, Skirgailas' father vassalage was traded as some kind of live-stock, Skirgailas' father disobeyed but was imprisoned immediately and Skirgaila became a political hostage at the court of High Chief of ?emaitija, near the border of Semba. There he learned everything that was necessary for a lithuanian warrior, even betrothed to a tootsie of a weak branch of a noble family. Yet, when he was 15, the wooden castle was plundered by viking raiders and Skirgaila was captured. He, alongside with some other lads was eventually assimilated with the crew and became a raider himself. After reaching his twenties, by a chain of various events, the ship which he was crew member of, landed near shores of England. The remains of crew where too weak to continue plundering and so, Skirgaila with few others ventured on to finally becoming a mercenary, who he is for the moment. His future looks prosperless, but all he looks for is a job with brave and bold company for a?poach of gold, a warm tavern, a cozy bed and a red-cheeked maid to warm the bed. ?I'm adding two images to help imagine him :)
  15. Hey fellas, my ID is 4483888 the nickname is Vilnietian :)
  16. Guys, I just want to share the rules I am playing with my friend, yours look a little uncomfortable to me. I will comment and you can discuss, feel free :) Most of these, by the way, are actually so called code of honor, but we trust each other and its alright. I have to mention, that 98% of games we have played is 1 on 1 1. Only three assassins can be build at a time, once per 6 months. ? ? ? ? ? - Masses of assassins are possible to stop only by knights, plus they are visible only for tower ballistaes and/or really upclose. You can do actually much more with 3 assassins than you can think, especially, if you study the lord routes?:) 2. Siege equipment - no limitations here except Trebuchets. NO trebuchets at all. ? ? ? ? ? - Threbuchets have a range, that nothing else has, so, if you have 10 trebuchets and a proper army guarding them, any defender can not afford to attack the trebuchets and he just has to see how his walls tumble down, without any way of whitstanding that. Instead, you can try using tunnels, which as effective (if not more) and sneaky and succesfull, if executed properly. 3. Instead of blocking or something else like that, we agree, that we are not able to take villages from each other UNTIL we need a closer territory to build a siege camp. That way we can build the economies much faster and the games are not as lenghty as they would be by getting distracted with the estate fighting all the time (in his multiplayer, my friend has a nickname of "Arabian", other players named him so, because he uses tons of horse archers) 4. We don't have limitations of carts, except on villages - no village burning aswell (when you think about it, villages in our games are the safest :D?) 5. No need of this, not our playing style 6. Well, since its one on one... :D 7. Yeah, this went by itself without discussion in 1vs1vs1, yet, sometimes you just have to keep an eye, so an assassin or few thieves is a must as guests in other players lands And now, the things that are not in this list, but we do have these rules! 8. No early attacks. We ask each other if we are ready and discuss, who is gonna be the first attacking. Sometimes my friend is so awed by my castle layout, he insist I should defend, haha. It goes viceversa aswell. 9. We can't buy weapons in the markets. All weapons must be made by our own workers or imported from the estates, but the mercenary camp, of course, is allowed, with no restrictions. ? ? ? ? ? - This makes the game much more equalised. Its somehow fake, when one of the players takes time and planning and work to make the weapons and the other one simply is hoarding gold and then just buys everything before it is needed or wrecks every single shipment of weapons by ambushing the caravans with horse archers. Therefore, only made/imported weaponry and armour?:) 10. Not more than 20 knights OR not more than 80 swordsmen at a time. ? ? ? ? ?- This is somehow similar to the rule with Trebuchets. I know, that knights are the ultimate thing in every game, undoubtfully, but, this is the main reason why we refused them. We tested long enough and figured out, that it takes roughly 30 cats, 10 catapults and 30 mounted knights to beat mostly any defenses and kill the lord. Therefore, we refused knight spamming, cause the force is just too powerful. Yet, sometimes we like to mess around and just send our lords with few dozens of knights and fight till death 11. We can rebuild towers only every year (which is 12 minutes - enough, to conquer or repel) and the walls can ONLY be rebuilt by engineers.? ? ? ? ? - Both are for the same reason - it is super fake if I destroy my friends tower and right before my troops come in close, for him not to be able to build, he builds a new round tower with a fire balistae on it and wrecks my siege equipment. No tower rebuilding for one full year. And the walls are quite quickly rebuilt by engineers and it is really nicer than spamming walls quickly and much more realistic. Feel free to discuss :)
  17. Man, I love you, haha :D First - I was thinking of redoing the playlist of the game and there you go, your .exe has some fresh sounds. Secondly - you answer all my questions short and clear, superb! About the side note - yes, it is quite obvious, but thank you for mentioning :) So, basically, I can just send a new .exe for every new mission if any changes are necessary, thus, no need of adding new characters, I can just replace the new templates for as long as neccessary and have limitless amount of characters, this is quite amazing!
  18. Aaaah, I will serve thy well, M'lord. Thank you for the promotion and I will write him :)
  19. Wow, Chris, thank you, this is an approach I did not think off. But I dont see any tutorial, I probably should google it. Cause I dont really understand, how can I make a dozen of war scenarios into a campaign .exe Moreover, should I renew the exe with every overtought change? Like, for example, at some point, the player has the option to change loyalty (like in the original campaign), so I need his Crest to change at that exact moment and only if he is changing loyalty. But I guess, this is too complex to do, like you mentioned in the answer yesterday :) Oh yes, I am, the community is really alive, no idea how could I miss this forum when searching for any active members!
  20. Hello, Crusader, yes, I have already read everything in relation with this adventure :) How can I contact him via pm or email? I havent seen anyway how to visit a persons profile! About the character creation - I am big fan of rpgs', D&D and I have been a Game Master (Dungeon Master) for already 8 years, haha, I know the drill, but I really want to be a player, so, despite that I am late, I would still love to join :)
  21. Is there still any possibility for me to join in? :D And Narrikis, your character is K?ilis, may I ask where are you from?
  22. haha, Chris, boy are you fast, I tought I will get the answer in the end of the week. So lovely you're so responsive I have already read ALL of your articles and answers, as well as Tokamaps', Mathew Steele, PrinceEagle and Lord Vett (sorry, the names are probably not right, but I havent learned them by heart yet), so I have found basically everything editable (faces, templates, colors, crests) that was posted except my question and now you answered it :) For the answer to your question - the campaign is in such a continuity, I already lack characters, haha. I mean, if I want something that hasnt appeared yet (like, a foreign lord) then I need to change the whole template and make changes also in my friends folders, which is a little too much of work for every time there is a different scenario. This might sound complex, so to pour in some light, let me explain - the campaign is more or less similar to the in-game campaign, only it is waaaaay longer and has waaaaay more maps and missions. I already used some people more than once, like, Sir Grey is the father of player, also, Sir Grey is the actual Sir Grey and I need another old lord, so another Sir Grey just doesnt sound right :D?Am I clear or not really? Feel free to ask, I can already see I will be enjoying this forum so much as the game itself!
  23. I was looking all the way around google, wikipedia, forums, but I could not find anything, so, I decided to register here. Im a big fan of both this page and strongholdheaven, but here is my question, after seeing the video changing of AI lords from Hammer to Vlad the ?Impaler. I saw, that there are some empty spaces in the template, with numbers on them. So I have the question - is there any possibility of creating NEW AI lords, USING the templates of old ones, but NOT replacing them?? Why I need this? I love creating maps, and recently I begun creating a campaign for my friend. The problem is, that I lack characters. I know I can change Crests, Lords, Templates, but the question is if I can ADD and not REPLACE new lords?? Hope I am clear and sorry, if Im creating a topic uselessly, but I didnt find the exact issue.
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