2nd Dec 2014
Stronghold Crusader 2
Military Missions
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By Lord Vetka


Just a small plot of land by the sea, plenty of stone, looks like enough farmland, and palm trees to, I think I will like it here.

My Lord, "yes", As you say plenty of goods, but we are on the edge Of Sir Gregers territory, our sworn enemy, there will be more war than farming, how can you say you will like it here?

We are on the edge of Sir Gregers lands but we have enough to build a fine castle, let him come, war for us is nothing new, we grew up with it, I know we will have to build a strong castle, good defenses and commission some good troops to man the towers.

Sir Greger and me have seen a few battles against each other over the years, he will be sending a siege camp and range units and plenty of melee troops, taking the towers out will be his main goal, as the time goes by the invasions will get larger and when he has only his main troops left and we still stand, that is when he will hit us with his final army.

And if we can hold out that long then we will have peace, unless of course our sons take up the fight, but that we will see at another time, this fight will be between the two old dogs.

By Lord Vetka

I gave you a small plot to build your castle, I wanted to restrict the size of castle, the neutral land can be built on, your farms, woodcutters, stone mines and iron mines will all be on neutral ground.

I don't need to tell you how to build a castle, but I will tell you that the invasions will come, if you play slow and easy you will lose, the invasions are nothing like you see playing skirmish maps, you will have to be building up your defenses as you go, and you will find restrictions in buildings, troops and the market.

I will call this map, Hard, but it's close to being normal, when Richard comes with a message, you know it's time to fight or that you just kicked his butt, sorry no Sir Greger taunting you.

I wish you good luck, have a good fight and enjoy your victory!

11th Jan 2015

I really enjoyed this one. Challenging, but not impossibly hard. Thanks for continuing to crank out great maps.

12th Jan 2015

Thank you for coming back and telling me you enjoyed my map, I hope you enjoy the rest of the maps we have posted here, yes I will be making more maps, I have a few new tricks to add to the maps, hopefully they just get better!