Saxon Warlord - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 0
Cost in Honour 0
Recruited From N/A
Ranged Attack No
Recruits needed 0
Requirements N/A
Available Factions N/A

The Saxon Warlord is an exclusive unit in Stronghold Legends, and cannot be purchased directly in game by any faction.

Therefore, you cannot have any Saxon Warlords in any Custom Skirmish or Multiplayer map. In order to use a Saxon Warlord in your game this must be done using the tools provided within the game editor.

We have been told by Firefly that this was done in order to ensure that each faction had an equal number of units, as to allow otherwise would shift the numbers in favour of one particular faction.

Unlike their counterpart and slightly weaker units, Saxon Warriors, Saxon Warlords do not play any speech when you select them, move them, or do anything with them. However, they do still maintain the same abilities as regular units in that they can move and attack other units.

Once killed, no more Saxon Warlords can be recruited on the map and you would require a scripted invasion to replace any which are lost.

They are great units to use in order to demonstrate a hierarchy of Saxons on your map. Unlike Saxon Warriors, with Saxon Warlords, placing less and substituting Saxon Warriors in a majority of places is sometimes more effective.

Their abilities are much the same as Saxon Warriors from the Evil faction. They are armed with a battleaxe, and a shield, to protect them against attacks. They also wear a slightly stronger helmet and a different uniform making them slightly more protected than regular Saxon Warriors, with a slightly increased attack strength. Because of these additional abilities, they are more durable than the regular Saxon Warriors.

In large numbers, Saxon Warlords can quickly overwhelm enemy defenders forcing them back to other walls or to the Keep as a last line of defence. A small group of 6 Saxon Warlords can virtually take out a Knight, and can kill a Swordsmen easily.

All the other standard units can also be taken out very easily by a small group of Saxon Warlords. Crossbowmen do gradually over time deal quite a bit of damage to Saxon Warlords however, despite the fact they are armoured. Compared with Saxon Warriors, Saxon Warlords take an additional Crossbow bolt to kill.

This is primarily because the Armour that Saxon Warlords wear is not as durable and strong as the Armour which Knights and other standard units wear. The Armour worn by Saxon Warlords is stronger than Leather Armour worn by Crossbowmen or Macemen, but it is not as strong as the Steel Armour worn by other standard units.

Saxon Warlords are relatively fast moving units and this helps them quickly get to the place they need to be to attack units. Their battleaxe deals considerable damage to the units they attack, particularly if they are unarmoured. This makes them fantastic units to send on harrassment missions against the enemy, to weaken their economy by destroying various buildings, or on a siege by mounting the walls and decimating Archers and other defensive units very quickly.

Saxon Warlords can also be great units to defend any choke points on your map- if they cannot destroy any attacking enemy units outright, they will sufficiently slow it down to a state where you can actively reinforce it, or at least prepare for when it does become breached.

Tip: Saxon Warlords are fairly reliable and strong units, who usually work best in groups and are equally powerful with defensive and offensive attacks. If you can gather together a large enough group of Saxon Warlords, there's a lot you can achieve with them. Keep them away from Crossbowmen if the enemy has any, and use them to cause terror on the battlefield. You won't regret it.