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Werewolf - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 50
Cost in Honour 10
Recruited From Sorceror's
Ranged Attack No
Recruits needed 1
Requirements N/A
Available Factions Evil

Werewolves are a special unit in Stronghold Legends, and only available to players who are currently playing as the Evil faction.

They are recuited from The Sorceror's Tower, costing 50 gold and 10 honour. This makes Werewolves very cheap for the strength you get with them. You can find out ways to generate Honour in the game here.

A simple group of 7 Werewolves can dispatch a Swordsman in seconds, with only a single Werewolf taking damage of roughly half his health.

Similarly a fully mounted Knight can be killed by a group of 7 Werewolves with just over one unit lost. Pikemen, who are mainly defensive units, take slightly longer to kill although inflict less damage.

Crossbowmen can deal out a lot damage with their powerful bolts, but once the Werewolves close the gap, the Crossbowmen is easily worn down and killed.

Meanwhile Archers are killed almost instantly, as are Men-at-Arms. The Javelin thrown by Men-at-Arms can deal some damage to Werewolves, but once the Werewolf reaches the Man-at-Arms, the Werewolf will win in seconds.

Werewolves are quick and strong units, able to overcome some of the most powerful units in the game when in groups. This makes them extremely deadly to other players unless they have a strong enough force to fight back against packs of Werewolves.

It also means that Werewolves are ideal for taking back estates from enemy players, because a small force of Werewolves is likely to win whatever force is stationed there.

Werewolves are succeptible to freezing by the Ice Queen, but once they close the gap they can easily defeat her. Werewolves can overpower Polar Bears and even Frost Giants as well, although they can take a fair amount of damage from Frost Giants.

Using the unique Werewolf Launcher, you can hurl Werewolves over the walls of an enemy castle to deal out as much damage as possible. This siege weapon launches two Werewolves at a time, and can be a fantastic asset when you want to capture a certain gatehouse, or attack a specific area of an enemy defence system. This will allow you to take the enemy by surprise and reach areas previously considered untouchable.

You can also use Werewolves as great harrassment units too once they reach the inside of an enemy Castle, as they are brilliant at destroying enemy buildings and rushing away again before caught. However freezing them by Ice Mirrors, using ranged units to pick them off or other siege weapons such as Fire Ballistae can send them flying, causing great damage. Explosions and fire can also cause a lot of damage to Werewolves as well.

You can also use a group of White Witches in taking care of Werewolves too. These units are fantastic for this task because they can deal out unlimited damage and cannot be touched by Werewolves.

If you're playing against another Evil faction, you should keep a close eye on your Werewolves to ensure that no Giant Demonic Bats get close. These units can sputter away even the largest groups of Werewolves over time, causing significant damage to their health or killing them entirely.

Tip: Werewolves are great units for scaling enemy walls during an invasion, because they are simply so strong. They will overpower defenders in seconds and quickly capture gatehouses or other areas of the castle allowing your army in. Because they are so strong, there's rarely a unit that they can't kill unless under heavy bombardment somehow. Use them wisely.