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Hell Hound - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 15
Cost in Honour 4
Recruited From Sorceror's
Ranged Attack No
Recruits needed 1
Requirements N/A
Available Factions Evil

Hell Hounds are a special unit in Stronghold Legends, and only available to players who are currently playing as the Evil faction.

They are recuited from The Sorceror's Tower, costing 15 gold and 4 honour. This makes them relatively easy to mass-produce, and these units are excellent when in numbers. You can find out ways to generate Honour in the game here.

Hell Hounds are very fast moving units, faster even than Demons. They can quickly reach almost any point on the map and in large numbers will easily overpower Men-at-Arms and Archers.

However lone Hell Hounds are very easy to pick off, especially if the enemy has Archers or the more powerful Crossbowmen nearby.

A single Hell Hound against a Man-at-Arms will usually die, although he does remove half of the health of the Man-at-Arms. The Man-at-Arms will usually throw their Spear at the Hell Hound which will deplete about 80% of its health before the Hell Hound can even attack the Man-at-Arms.

Should a second lone Hell Hound attack the same Man-at-Arms before his Spear regenerates, the Hell Hound will win losing barely even a quater of its health. The attack strength from Men-at-Arms against Hell Hounds comes entirely from his Spear.

Archers do significant damage to Hell Hounds if not taken care of straight away, particularly if your Hell Hounds are focussed on fighting other nearby enemy units instead of the Archer, as Archers alone can kill Hell Hounds with 7 arrows.

Unless Hell Hounds are in large enough numbers, taking on armoured units can quickly result in them dying. For this reason, you must be wise about where you deploy them on the map. They're often useful for ambush styled attacks in different areas on the map, or for travelling large distances in a short time, for example to re-capture an estate from an enemy player. Because of their fast speed, they are ideal for rushing around enemy lines and destroying any nearby siege equipment that may cause you problems.

Hell Hounds can also be easily wiped out by other aerial units such as Giant Demonic Bats, simply because they do not have any way of protecting themselves against those attacks. In even the smallest numbers, White Witches can sputter away the health of Hell Hounds easily.

This means that if you're out in the middle of nowhere and are attacked by White Witches, even the largest groups of Hell Hounds can easily be worn down by attacks without some form of defence. Groups of even around 10 Hell Hounds can greatly damage a Frost Giant.

Hell Hounds are also useful during sieges as well. If you've recently breached a part of the enemy walls, or Laddermen have just reached the wall with ladders, Hell Hounds are one of the ideal troops for quickly and efficiently rushing the walls in numbers, killing off any enemy defenders remaining and allowing safe passage for the rest of your troops.

Tip: Hell Hounds are ideal ambush units because they are so fast moving. The can easily rush into an area, prevent enemy units from penetrating it, or, slow down enemy units sufficiently so that other reinforcements can arrive to properly dispose of the enemy units.

In particular, one great strategy is to use your Hell Hounds to slow down an attacking enemy force and then move in Vampiric Creepers to convert any enemy Archers, Men-at-Arms or Crossbowmen that are nearby.