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Sorceror - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 400
Cost in Honour 100
Recruited From Sorceror's
Ranged Attack Yes
Recruits needed 1
Requirements N/A
Available Factions Evil

The Sorceror is a special unit in Stronghold Legends, and only available to players who are currently playing as the Evil faction. He costs 400 gold, and 100 Honour and is recruited from the Sorceror's Tower. You can find out ways to generate Honour in the game here.

The Sorceror is a slow moving unit, but can deal out a lot of damage. His main attack consists of casting fireballs at enemy units, igniting the area surrounding them into flames.

This can cause great problems for enemy units, particularly if they are armoured, because these units more significantly slower than other units and their armour means they take in a lot more damage from fire.

This attack means that the Sorceror is by far best placed on your Castle walls (or towers for further distance) as a defensive unit.

His range is shorter than that of an Archer, so placing him on top of one of the towers in your Castle will help massively in defending your Castle. The Sorceror takes a second or two before casting the fire and in this time can be seen with his hands together collecting fire.

In melee attacks, the Sorceror is virtually useless and cannot hold his own ground very well. He uses his hands to attack the enemy in this situation and while he can sustain slightly more damage than you would expect, he is quickly ran down, especially when a group of units try to attack him. For this reason it's best that you keep him as a defensive unit used for ranged attacks only.

Once an area has been attacked with fire, the whole ground around it will ignite. If the Sorceror continues casting at the same units in that area, then the fire will slowly keep spreading outwards for several years before the fire eventually subsides again.

Note as well that while the Sorceror can create this fire, he will also be damaged by it if he gets close enough to it. If you are using the Sorceror on ground level to attack nearby enemy troops, keep that in mind to avoid him being damaged by it. Similarly, your own troops will also be damaged by this fire with the exception of Demons, who are immune to it.

You can only have one Sorceror at any time. If he is killed, you will instantly be able to purchase another Sorceror from The Sorceror's Tower again. The Sorceror also has a special power, called Meteor Storm. This will decimate an area with meteors, killing virtually all enemy units around it. Note that the Sorceror must be close enough to these units to use it.

You can activate this special power by left-clicking on the purple meteor icon on the right side of your screen, and right clicking on the map where to use it. It can only be used somewhere within the Sorceror's range already, and once used, it will require a "recharge" time. During this, the green line around the outside of the purple meteor icon on your screen must reach all the way around to the start before it can be used again.

This icon is only available while the Sorceror is alive, so if he dies or you have not yet recruited him, you must recruit another Sorceror from The Sorceror's Tower again in order to use it. Only he has the ability to use this power.

Tip: The Sorceror is an important unit and it's important to use him wisely. The attacks of your Sorceror can also affect all aerial units, including Dragons. While Dragons will obviously perform a lot more damage to your Sorceror than he can do to them, using your Sorceror can be very effective at taking out troublesome aerial units such as White Witches.