White Witch - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 25
Cost in Honour 10
Recruited From Ice Tower
Ranged Attack Yes
Recruits needed 1
Requirements N/A
Available Factions Ice

White Witches are a special unit in Stronghold Legends, and only available to players who are currently playing as the Ice faction.

They are recuited from The Ice Tower, costing just 25 gold and 10 honour. You can find out ways to generate Honour in the game here.

This small cost allows for the easy mass-production of White Witches. Considering the small cost these units are very effective at attacking enemy units, and are out of range of most units due to the fact they are an aerial unit.

This means that melee units cannot touch them in any way, and they can only be attacked by Archers, Crossbowmen, and enemy Ice Queen or other aerial units themselves.

The fact they are an aerial unit provides great cover for them against attacks on the ground, however they are vulnerable to dragon harpoons.

White Witches are the ideal units to send over to an enemy castle to harrass and slow down resource production, cut down enemy armies before they are strong enough to attack you, and of course to defend or protect your estates.

Note however that while White Witches can defend the area around your estates, they cannot prevent enemy units from taking control of the estate unless there are nearby units on the ground supporting them. Nor can they capture estates despite being able to kill all enemy units protecting it. Only ground-based units can capture new estates and prevent existing estates falling into enemy hands.

White Witches are troublesome units that can fly fairly quickly around the map. They can also fly over forests, water and other inpassable terrain that land units cannot reach, allowing them to move to their intended destination much quicker. The damage they give to enemy units is not amazing in their own right, but over time they can cause a lot of damage to enemy attackers or defenders.

In groups they can be extremely powerful, easily dispatching a Swordsman or Knight. The main bonus of using White Witches in your army is simply the fact that they are untouchable from most units on the ground.

White Witches should be killed before a big enough group of them arrive at your castle. If this is the case, you are likely to find it very hard to recruit a big enough troop of Archers to remove them, simply because as you are recruiting Archers the White Witches can kill them one by one before the Archers stop moving and have a chance to attack back at them.

White Witches are also great units for ambushing enemy troops on the move from one place to another- especially if they are slow moving units, as they can deal out a lot of damage. Because of their abilities to attack in this way, it doesn't usually take more than a few arrows to kill them.

Crossbowmen can kill them very easily, so if you're near any Crossbowmen it's probably a better idea to use ground-based units to kill the Crossbowmen if you can before sending through your White Witches - unless you have a big enough group that this won't make any difference to.

In the early stages of a game, using White Witches can be very detrimental to an opponent, especially if they are playing as the Arthur faction. White Witches can also attack castle peasants and workers as well, so use this ability to take out or disrupt enemy resource production, or, harass the enemy into moving their Archers to various locations around their castle.

You can also station White Witches above enemy Siege Camps to perform a lot of damage to Enemy Sieges before they actually begin. But if you do this, watch our for players who use Stake Hurlers (Evil faction only), as they have the ability to fire at your White Witches. You must also ensure you keep them away from Dragon Harpoons, as these devices will tear them to shreds. Fire on the ground will damage White Witches despite the fact they are aerial units, and they can also be frozen by an enemy Ice Queen.

Tip: White Witches are great for manouvering around an enemy castle, inflicting maximum damage, and then moving on to another section before any ranged units can catch up to attack them. Like with ground units, enemy players will be unable to build anything near your White Witches, so you can use this to your advantage.

White Witches can also attack an enemy Lord directly too, so if you notice a weak spot with no ranged units nearby, and you can do this, it's an ideal way of causing damage to an enemy Lord, or even killing him outright if the damage is persistent enough.