Ice Queen - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 500
Cost in Honour 200
Recruited From Ice Tower
Ranged Attack Yes
Recruits needed 1
Requirements N/A
Available Factions Ice

The Ice Queen is a special unit in Stronghold Legends, and only available to players who are currently playing as the Ice faction.

She is recuited from The Ice Tower, costing 500 gold and 200 honour. You can find out ways to generate Honour in the game here.

This makes the Ice Queen fairly costly in terms of both gold and honour, but her abilities will far outweigh the costs in recruiting her.

The Ice Queen is eqiupped with a large white staff and has the single unique ability of any unit in the game to freeze enemy units dead in their tracks (often quite literally!).

Because of this ability, you can only recruit one Ice Queen unit at any one time. If she is killed, you will instantly be able to purchase another Ice Queen unit from The Ice Tower again.

Once an enemy unit has been frozen, they will be unable to move, fight or do anything at all until they are unfrozen again, which happens automatically after a period of time. Not only does this prevent them from advancing against your army, they are also extremely vulnerable whilst frozen and unable to defend themselves against any form of attack whether that be aerial, ranged or melee.

This means that you can use your Ice Queen to freeze enemy units and give your army additional time to pick them off at a distance. Note also that the Ice Queen will automatically diminish the health of a unit just by freezing them. This happens on each occasion she freezes them, and any damage by other units is done in addition to this.

Caution: While units are frozen by the Ice Queen, you will be unable to do anything with them at all. They are effectively sitting ducks. This means that if another player within the game is currently playing as the Evil faction and allied to the Ice player, then it is entirely possible for them to move Vampiric Creepers in and start converting vulnerable units whilst they are frozen. Keep your vulnerable units protected at all times to minimise the chances of this from happening.

This ability makes her exceptional when defending your castle against attacking armies, particularly when placed on towers so that she can freeze units from a further distance. Note that her range is not as far as that of an Archer, so if you intend on using the Ice Queen on ground level, this is something you should actively be aware of. The Ice Queen also moves fairly slowly, so if you intend on moving her from one location to another, you should make sure she is well protected along the way.

In melee combat, the Ice Queen is easily overwhelmed by herself, and has no real ability to fight in this setting as she cannot freeze anyone. Whilst fighting in melee combat she also cannot freeze any other units who may be approaching, leaving her wide open to other attacks. She can typically handle a single unit against her in a 1-1 melee fight for a short time with the possibility of defeating them if they aren't too powerful, but any more than this and the Ice Queen will easily get killed.

Note that the Ice Queen also can attack aerial units freezing them also, including Dragons. Use her abilities here wisely to halt any attacks by enemy White Witches or Giant Demonic Bats, which she can prove particularly useful in preventing if the units are frozen fast enough. The Ice Queen can also be frozen by opposing Ice factions, so is not immune to these attacks herself.

The Ice Queen also has a special power, called The Power of Winter. You can activate this special power by left-clicking on the snowflake icon on the right side of your screen, and right clicking on the map where to use it, freezing all enemies via a blizzard within its circumference and causing immense damage, killing most ground units immediately.

It can only be used somewhere within the Ice Queen's range already, and once used, it will require a "recharge" time. During this, the green line around the outside of the snowflake icon on your screen must reach all the way around to the start before it can be used again.

This icon is only available while the Ice Queen is alive, so if the Ice Queen dies or you have not yet recruited him, you must recruit another Ice Queen from The Ice Tower again in order to use it. Only she has the ability to use this power.

Tip: The Ice Queen is a special and very powerful unit, and can be excellent in both defensive and offensive attacks within the game. The single most important thing to remember is to keep her well protected against attackers to keep her working at her fullest potential. Use her well.