Knight - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 200
Cost in Honour 50
Recruited From Barracks
Ranged Attack No
Recruits needed 1
Requirements Sword,
Steel Armour
Available Factions All

The Knight is the most advanced, elite standard unit available in Stronghold Legends, and is available to all factions in the game. The unit itself remains largely unchanged from Stronghold 2, although there are several differences.

The Knight remains excellent at both offensive and defensive combat and also has a unique ability to mount a Horse and fight with or without one. However Knights move much slower (dismounted) in Stronghold Legends than in Stronghold 2.

You can mount a Knight by selecting the "Mount horse" icon once you have selected a Knight. Note that by mounting a Knight, it will cost 20 Honour. Once you have attempted to mount a Knight, a Horse will instantly appear and he will automatically be mounted. Unlike in Stronghold 2, there is no longer a need to place a Stables, or wait for a Horse to appear from one.

Once mounted on a horse, any enemy units must first kill the horse before they can attack the Knight himself, so there are great advantages of doing so, besides the Knight moving a lot faster. The horse alone takes 2 Crossbow bolts to kill. If the Horse is killed or you dismount a Knight, you can mount the Knight on another Horse, but must wait for a short "recharge" time before this button becomes available again.

Knights can deal a great amount of damage to other units, and they can take a lot in themselves as well, but cost the most to recruit in requirements from all standard units. You will need both a Sword, produced from a Blacksmith's Workshop, and Armour, produced by an Armourer's Workshop in order to recruit a Knight. In addition to this, because of the huge advantages of having a Knight, you will also need 200 gold and 50 Honour. Honour can be produced by the means shown in this article. You will also need a single recruit from the campfire before you can recruit a Knight.

Similarly to Swordsmen, Knights can easily get overwhelmed by defence systems such as Burning Logs, Ballistae or pitch ditches. They can also very easily be picked off by ranged or aerial units, frozen by Ice units and have their health sputtered away over time by persistent attacks or fire. This is primarily due to the fact the units move so slowly. Knights will also struggle against units such as Frost Giants, even whilst mounted, simply because Frost Giants are so powerful and can cause an enormous amount of damage. If you intend on using Knights, it's important that you create a balance in your army so that you are not overly dependent on them.

Tip: Knights can cause complete terror on the battlefield and always work best on horseback and in a group. If you can manage to mass-produce Knights, then this is an extremely effective tactic and will almost certainly help you to overcome a lot of the advantage that most Special units have in Stronghold Legends. I recommend using groups of 32 Knights at a time, or, if you cannot afford that many, the smaller group of 16 Knights at a time can work very well.