Pikeman - Stronghold Legends Game Units

Cost in Gold 10
Cost in Honour 0
Recruited From Barracks
Ranged Attack No
Recruits needed 1
Requirements Pike,
Steel Armour
Available Factions All

Pikemen part of the standard units available to all factions in Stronghold Legends. They are good defensive troops which will allow you to hold control of critical areas. However, Pikemen do not deal great amounts of damage offensively, and over time can be worn down by enemy units.

The Pikeman wears Armour for protection which means that they are very well protected against both missiles and adequately protected in melee combat as well. Considering the Armour that they wear Pikeman can be suprisingly fast in speed.

This makes them the perfect troops to quickly reinforce areas within your castle, buildings, or rush to defend some troops, for example Crossbowmen, who wear weaker armour.

It takes a Crossbowman 7 shots to kill a Pikeman. This is largely due to the Armour that he wears. Archers take a significantly larger 27 shots to kill a Pikeman. The Steel Armour he wears can however backfire when aerial units such as Dragons attack, or any unit spreads fire around him, such as a Demon, as these fires cause significant damage.

You will need a Pike before you can recuit Pikemen, along with Steel Armour. Pikes are produced through the Poleturner's Workshop. Note that by default the Poleturner Workshops all produce Spears for Men-at-Arms unless you specifically toggle the production to Pikes. To do this, simply left click on the Poleturner's Workshop and select the Pike icon. You will also need a single recruit from the campfire before you can recruit a Pikeman.

Tip: Pikemen are excellent defensive troops, who wear steel armour for better protection against arrows. They are also very capabable of offensive attacks as well, especially against weaker units. If your map or castle layout contains narrow passes, use Pikemen to cut down any units trying to break through. You can also use Pikeman as an excellent form of last defence around your Keep.