Ladderman - Stronghold 2 Game Units

Cost in Gold 4
Cost in Honour 0
Recruited From Engineer's Guild,
Siege Camp
Ranged Attack No
Recruits needed 1
Requirements N/A

Laddermen are the simplest form of siege equipment available. You can recruit these from either the Siege Camp or the Engineer's Guild. Laddermen are also the only siege unit in the game which you can recruit from the Siege Camp without first placing an Engineer's Guild in your Castle.

Laddermen will run towards the enemy walls and place a ladder on the outside to allow friendly troops to climb up and gain access to the enemy castle. Once a ladder has been placed, Laddermen will run back to the Siege Camp and fetch another ladder and try again. If no Siege Camp is placed, the Ladderman will run back to the Engineer's Guild to get another ladder. They will continue doing this until eventually killed.

You can destroy enemy Ladders on your own walls by having troops push down the ladders from the top of the wall, destroy the ladder from the ground, or you could also use other means to destroy the ladder, for example, catapulted rocks, ballista bolts or fire through some means such as pitch ditches.

Laddermen are virtually useless in melee combat and have an attack strength even worse than an Armed Peasant. This attack strength is even worse whilst the ladderman is holding the ladder. The Ladderman can be picked off by ranged units virtualy straight away as well, because they have no protective armour.

You can recruit Laddermen from the rank of Knight. You will need 4 gold as well as 1 peasant from the campfire before you can recruit a Ladderman.