Landscape | Stronghold 1 Editor Overview

The landscape section of the Stronghold 1 editor allows you to alter, add and delete existing landscapes. Below is the toolbar that appears when you access this area:

From left to right are the following tools:


This will allow you to place small hills on the map. You can hold down your left mouse button to get bigger hills.


The mountain tool allows you to erect mountains on your map. As with hills, you can make bigger mountains by holding the left mouse button down for longer. The only difference between hills and mountains are that mountains cover more area.

Min Height

This will send a piece of land down to minimum height.

Max Height

This will raise a piece of land up to the maximum height possible in the editor.


This tool allows you to equalise land of two different heights. It is very useful because it allows you to get a unique effect from two different terrain heights.

Raise Land

This allows you to raise a selection of land. The land is raised very slowly, and you can hold on your left mouse button to continuously raise land.

Lower Land

This will lower land. Land is lowered at a steady constant rate, and as with the above tool, by holding your left mouse button you can continuously lower a piece of land.

Mid Plain

This will send a piece of land up to a medium height.

Hi Plain

This will send a piece of land up to hi plain. This is slightly lower than the max height but is still fairly high.