Camera | Stronghold 3 Editor Overview

The camera section of the Stronghold 3 editor allows you to create various camera nodes which can be used in your map.

These camera positions can be used in scripted events on your map. You can configure camera angles by going where you would like to on the map, and selecting the "Add New Camera Node" button. This creates a new camera node in the box below which can be deleted or used in events. You can also use that particular node as the startup node in your map (i.e. the default camera angle when the user starts the map). If you do this, it will be marked with a red "S".

Additionally, you can select a camera angle which will automatically move you to that point on the map.

In Stronghold Crusader 2, the camera section is much more complex and allows for more precise camera movement. A good example of how this has been incorporated in Stronghold Crusader 2 is in The River 1 by Micha!.