Map Editor Estates Menu

The following are descriptions of all the options in the Estates menu in the Stronghold 2 Editor. For information on other editor menus, please see this page.

Above is the Estates menu. Each of the colours below, from 1-17, represent 1 possible Estate.So for every colour you use, it will mean that you will either have another Village, or Castle in the game. Castles are where players can start from while villages are neutral estates within the game.

Next is one of the most important icons in the whole editor. The flag markers are exceptionally important- for every estate you place within the map, either neutral village or a castle, you must place a flag marker depending on which type of estate it is. Failure to do so will result in an instant defeat (or in some cases instant victory) when you try to load your map in the game.

Note that an estate can only have one colour marker, and the castle Keep or village flagpole will be placed wherever the marker is for that estate. You can overwrite whichever flag you have placed for an estate by either placing it again, or overwriting it by placing the other marker in your estate. 

Below is the Village marker. If you want a neutral estate, place this:

Here is the Castle marker. If you would like an estate for either yourself, an AI lord or another player for a multiplayer game, place this in the coloured area of your choice:

And finally, here are the Invasion Markers. These are placed on the map, and tell the game where specific triggered events happen. There are four coloured flags, and eight of each flag. There is no difference whatsoever in the colours of the flags. To change which flag number you use, scroll with the mouse wheel. See this tutorial on scripting invasions in the editor.

For the remaining icons in this menu, please see the table below.

Icon Description
Show/hide Grid Tool