Map Editor Animals Menu

The following are descriptions of all the options in the Animals menu in the Stronghold 2 Editor. For information on other editor menus, please see this page.

Above is the Animals menu in the Stronghold 2 editor. This will provide you with different types of animals you can place throughout your map. Some of them may not show up in the editor itself, but will do during the actual game.

Note: Animals can often spawn very quickly, so it is best to place small amounts of them, test your map and then place more if needed. This will help you to avoid any lag which may result from placing too many animals. This is especially the case if you have many invasions or other events on your map which may already mean you experience lag at certain points, or on certin slower computers for instance.

For the remaining icons in this menu, please see the table below.

Icon Description
Passable water Tool
Show/hide Grid Tool
Eraser Tool