Map Editor Rivers Menu

The following are descriptions of all the options in the Rivers menu in the Stronghold 2 Editor. For information on other editor menus, please see this page.

Rivers are one of the best features to divide up your map into estates, and to add lots of detail at the same time. Rivers can also add tougher obstacles for troops to cross over, for example.

River Icon

This tool will allow you to create a river or stream in your map. It can take up as many or as few squares as you would like, however it looks most realistic if you swerve your stream as much as possible.

Change River Direction

This will allow you change the direction that the water in the stream or river will travel. Please note that this will only work on a river, not sea.


You can add ripples in the water by using this tool. This can be useful if you wish it look as if it is raining. You can also add them to swamp areas or other parts of your map as well, to keep the image on land.


Waterfalls can create marvellous scenery. Just look at some of the images below.


This will let you place sea on the map.

Change Sea Direction

This will allow you to change the direction of the sea. Please note that this will only work on sea, and not on rivers.


Waves allow you to have a good effect on your beach, if placed correctly. For more information on placing waves see this page.

Water Crashing on Rocks

This will give the effect of water crashing on rocks.


This will slow units down when they pass through it, and will allow you to generate Pitch.


Bridges are a way of connecting land together over river, and allowing units passage over water.

Small Spray of Water

This is a small spray of water.

Large Spray of Water

This is a large spray of water.


This is useful for covering the enterances to hidden areas.

Other Icons:

The passable water tool will allow you to place water that your troops can cross through. In effect, it is a form of "shallow water". However this way does contain bugs, as if you place this way of shallow water, then troops can also walk in other places such as the middle of Forests. You can follow our shallow water tutorial to allow passable water which does not create this issue.

For the remaining icons in this menu, please see the table below.

Icon Description
Passable water Tool
Show/hide Grid Tool
Eraser Tool