How To Load Any Memorised Castle Into Your Village

  • Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial
  • 3 mins

By Sir DavidSpy

Step 1

First you need to memorize the in-game castle that you want to load into your new village.

Step 2

Once you have memorized the castle you will next have to navigate to the folder Stronghold Kingdoms saves your castle designs in.

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms

Substitute [username] with whatever name you chose for yourself when setting up your computer.

Tip: If you cannot find your appdata folder it is probably because your operating system has hidden it. Go to the control panel and search for “Folder Options” and under the “view” tab in folder options, scroll down until you find “hidden files and folders”. Change your setting by clicking on the blank radio button circle besides “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”. You should now be permitted to view your appdata folder.

Step 3

Ok, back to the subject at hand. Once you have successfully navigated to the folder mentioned above choose to sort files by date modified, you’re most recent castle save should rise to the top or near the top. The file will abide by the following naming convention.


Where x is a number predetermined by the game.

Tip: If you cannot find any .cas files it’s probably because your operating system hid them from you. (Thanks again Microsoft.) Go to the control panel and search for “Folder Options” and under the “view” tab in folder options, scroll down until you find “Hide extensions for known file types” and uncheck that box.

Step 4

Do not open the file, it is not needed. Simply right click it and elect to copy it, now jump back to your desktop and paste the file you just copied there.

Step 5

Next we have to go back into the game and load up your new village or the village you want to port your castle into. If your village already has a castle, delete it or else your new castle won’t restore correctly. Finally, place one stone wall in a corner of your castle and then memorize it. To memorize your castle you will need to access the advanced options for your castle, it's a drop down sub menu and is accessed by clicking the castle build time button on the right hand side of the GUI while in the castle tab.

Step 6

Now we need to navigate back to the same folder as before

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms

And remember the exact number of your most recent CasInfra save (you will need this number when renaming the file you pasted to your desktop).

Step 7

Jump back to the desktop and rename the file you pasted there by right clicking the file and selecting rename and replacing the numbers in that file with the numbers you memorized in the last step. Press enter.

For more information on how to rename a file see the documentation on Microsoft's website:

Step 8

Now drag the .cas file from your desktop to the shk appdata folder

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms

You should get a info popup informing you that a file of the same name already exists in that folder and what should be done with the file you are trying to move into the folder. Choose to overwrite the file in the Stronghold Kingdoms appdata folder.

Step 9

Log back into the game and enter the castle screen of the village we prepared in step 5. Click advanced options (advanced options for the castle is located as a drop down sub menu accessed by clicking the castle build time button on the right hand side of the GUI) then click the 'infrastructure' button under the 'restore' heading. If you followed all the previous instructions correctly and you have sufficient resources in your stockpile the castle you saved in step one will instantly load into your new castle, ready to confirm and build.

Tip: It's also possible to do the same with parish castles, simply substitute the village for a parish in the walkthrough.

Congratulations, you have just saved yourself a good half hour or so.

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