Removing Wolf Castle #11

Wolf Castle 11

In the wonderfully wooly world of Wolf Castles, Wolf Castle 11 is king. Not only is it the hardest to remove but also the most common design seen on older worlds. That said, it's basically a beefed up version of Wolf Castle 10.

Wave One: This is pretty much the same setup I used for Wave 1 on Wolf Castle 10, I simply increased the overall number of troops to a full 500. it's possible to remove Wolf Castle 11 in one wave but it requires at least 4 captains which makes the attack that much more expensive. So in the interest of cost I'm dividing it into two attacks as I have with the last 2 designs.

Wave Two: The second wave is what I consider a staple attack, 200 Archers, 220 Pikemen, and 80 Catapults. This is an incredibly useful combination and I standardized it's use on multiple AI designs to simplify the recruitment process. Always make sure the catapults are all targeting the Keep in this attack as this will expedite the removal of the garrisoned Pikemen within the keep