Removing Wolf Castles #1 and #2

Wolf Castle 1

An excellent castle to farm for honor; Wolf Castle 1 doesn’t put up much of a fight but at the same time can prove a worthy test for entry level players.

In this setup our attacking archers are set to surround The Wolf’s castle on all four sides, quite effectively encircling his castle and ensuring no survivors. Our catapults are positioned in the lower right corner and are, for the most part, outside the defending archers range. Several of the attacking pikemen are set up in-between the attacking archer columns with the express purpose of tripping The Wolf’s oil pots before our main pikeman force arrives from the lower-right corner.


Wolf Castle 2

Wolf Castle #2 is slightly stronger than wolf Castle #1 but is still a great castle to destroy for honor.

The first and only wave is predominantly comprised of Archers. Spread them two or three thick just outside the white line and make sure to box in the right side corner of the castle where your Catapults are to prevent any of the Sally Forth Knights from killing your Catapults. Target your Catapults at The Wolf’s Keep and position the Pikemen behind the Catapults, in the corner; this gives the Catapults some time to do damage to the castle without inflicting splash damage on your Pikemen.