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How To NOT Get Attacked or The "Laws" of Neutrality

  • Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial
  • 3 mins

By Sir DavidSpy

How to Remain 100% Neutral

War is not for everyone, reading the following bulletined list will give you a comprehensive rundown on what you can do to reduce your chances of being attacked as a neutral player. Remember, the best method of discouraging attacks is to have a fully fortified castle with at least 350 archers on the walls.

The meaning of Neutrality:

neu•tral•i•ty [noo-tral-i-tee, nyoo-] noun

1. The state of being neutral.
2. The policy or status of a nation that does not participate in a war between other nations.

There have been many discussions lately on the meaning of neutrality; the second definition above has the most bearing on these discussions, as it is the influence or interference of a neutral party that has a defined impact on glory seeking houses war effort.

For the most part, neutrality should allow players to remain exempt from the violence of war. It is in the controlling house's best interest to treat the neutrals in their areas with respect.

However, this kindness has not always been returned, and it should not be assumed that it comes without a cost. Neutrality comes with its own responsibilities. If a player fails to meet these responsibilities then they cannot, in all fairness, be considered neutral.

These responsibilities are as follows:

  • A neutral player must never (by means of monks or fair votes) displace a housed steward from office without first obtaining permission from the steward's faction general/officers or exhausting any and all diplomatic alternatives.

  • A neutral player may never use their armies in actions against other houses in the glory race; to do so is an obvious breach of neutrality.

  • It is the responsibility of a neutral player not to interfere with war efforts of houses in the glory race. This includes, but is not limited to, active support of either side with monks or supplies.

  • When a neutral player provides goods to a warring house, they are in fact assisting in that house’s war effort.

  • When a neutral player sends monks in support of a warring house's village or parish, they are assisting in that war effort. This is a conscious action that immediately makes that neutral an enemy. The only exception to this is if the monks are curing disease.

  • When a neutral player acts as a vassal to a housed warring player, they are in fact assisting that player in the war. However, vassals may be unaware of their offense. If at all possible, the vassal should be given written notice and time to drop their Liege Lord before action is taken against them, preferably 24 hours in advance.

  • Neutrals may hold parishes. However, they may not hold Counties, Provinces or Countries. When a neutral player holds a County, Province or Country, they are restricting the ability to control important armies and glory points, and so in turn they are influencing the war/s.

  • Parishes held by neutral players should support the current sheriff by voting unless that county is under invasion, in which case neutral stewards should hold their votes until the controlling house majority is again established.

  • When a parish that is held by the one house is conquered by another house, and then a neutral faction or player claims ownership of the parish after the original owners are ousted, then that neutral player or faction is in fact acting against the conquerors war effort.

Neutral players have their place and they are an important part of the game. It should be an accepted reality that players in this game should have a right to remain neutral and therefore safe from the wars.

However, this safety has its price. Neutrality must be a strictly enforced code of non-interference. To break this code would result in a loss of neutrality.

Tip: Any and all complaints regarding a housed steward's administration should be lodged first with that player's faction leaders and, if unresolvable, escalated and brought to the attention of your local Sheriff. Under no circumstances should you vote the contested steward out unless you want to be denounced as a neutral and targeted by the faction/house of the steward you displaced.

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