Gold Raiding a Capital (Parish)

  • Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial
  • 2 mins

By Sir DavidSpy


First, to establish some common misconceptions about gold raids:

  1. A parish is a small area on the map enclosed with a circular line, the village in the center of the parish is actually a capital but it is often referred to as a parish. In this walkthrough however, when I refer to capitals it includes; parishes, counties, provinces and countries, all of which can be raided for gold.
  2. The gold raided goes directly to the capital the raiding army was sent from, there is no way to raid a capital to add gold to your personal treasury.
  3. Only capital armies can raid other capitals for gold, you cannot send troops from your village or your vassal to raid a capital for gold.

With that cleared up we will move on to the setup of an actual gold raid.

Executing the Raid

To raid a capital for gold you will need a capital already under your control (e.g. a parish you are steward of).

1.) Select a capital under your control that you wish to send the raid from.

2.) Click on the capital buildings (not the shield) of the target to select it as your raiding destination.

3.)Click on the blue widget in the right-hand corner of the screen which displays the tool-tip "attack".

4.)Setup your attack.

5.)Choose the % of gold you wish to raid.

6.)Send the army by clicking the Go button on the attack screen.

Tips for a Successful Raid

  • Raiding capitals for gold will have repercussions whether you are at war or not with the player who's capital you just raided. You have been warned!
  • The most gold you can raid for in one attack is 50%
  • Unless previously arranged, don't attacked allied parishes/capitals.
  • The higher you set the % of gold to be raided, the longer your troops have to stay inside the white line to successfully raid that capital.
  • Remember that while your capital army is out raiding, your capital is vulnerable.
  • When setting up attacks, choose the side you attack from at random. If your attack patterns become predictable, your enemies will be able to better counter your attacks.
  • The gold you raided will appear in your capital treasury the second your raid successfully hits it's target.
  • Intel gathering is important! If there is an ally in the enemy capital (usually parish) you wish to raid, it would be wise to first ask your ally to send a picture of the castle setup or inform you how much gold the parish currently has before sending out your armies.
  • You cannot recall a PvP (Player vs Player) attack after five minutes.

Happy Raiding!

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