Map Editor Textures Menu

The following are descriptions of all the options in the Textures menu in the Stronghold 2 Editor. For information on other editor menus, please see this page.


Although often overlooked, placing textures in Stronghold 2 is one the most effective ways of blending terrain and making it look more professional and realistic. Placing multiple textures help to relieve the blandness and boredom of the same texture all over your map.

At first when you use the editor it is more important to try and get the basic understanding of things correct so you can create maps. So it's relatively easy to see how most players can miss these out. However textures make a massive difference in the landscaping of maps. Take a look at the following pictures, the first one is without textures and the second one is with textures added.

Even the smallest detail can make a large difference on your map. Placing textures is an art, it is a skill which must be mastered and you do not generally gain it instantly. Like everything, it requires a lot of practice, and trial and error to place them most effectively.

This menu displays all of the textures in the game. To select a texture, simply left click on it, then left click on the map where you want it placed. You can drag the mouse button to have it in more than one place.You can see more textures by clicking on the left or right gold arrows.

This allows you to make the textures different shades of colour. The default texture is the big white button in the center, so it will return an area to its default colour again from when you first started the map.

For another example of blended textures, see below. These examples take some time to master. When it comes to textures, less is often better- you want to place as much as possible to get the maximum effect while not overdoing anything.

Please see the table below for the remaining icons in this menu.

Icon Description
Passable water Tool
Show/hide Grid Tool
Undo tool
Redo Tool