Map Editor Terrain Menu

The following are descriptions of all the options in the Terrain menu in the Stronghold 2 Editor. For information on other editor menus, please see this page.

Raise Terrain

This will allow you to place hills on your map. If you keep your cursor on one specific point, the editor will raise that area to the highest point available on the map.

Valley Tool

This tool will allow you to slice a mountain in half to create a passage through the mountain for units.

Equalise Land Quickly

This tool will quickly equalise any land in a matter of seconds. The image below is the same as the two above, the only difference is that I used the equalise tool for about 1.5 seconds.

Equalise Land Slowly

This tool will also equalise the land, although it will do so at a much slower rate. The result below is off about 10 seconds of equalising.

Round Hill Tool

This tool will paint various hills on your map. Depending on how long you hold down the mouse button will depend on how large the hill becomes. This tool usually creates a round, large hill if you keep the mouse button held down for long enough.

Diamond Hill Tool

This tool will create smaller and thinner hills than the 'round hill tool'. The diamond hill tool modifies more precise areas of land.

Uneven Terrain

This tool will create uneven terrain in your map. This is not necessarily useful by itself, but can be useful in conjunction with other tools in the editor.

Instant Height Tools

Instant height tools will instantly transform a specified area of the map to one of the height levels as shown in the screenshot below.

Ground level Tool

This tool will instantly lower the specified area to ground level.

Please see the table below for the remaining icons in this menu.

Icon Description
Full sized map
Quater sized map
Crop Tool
Passable water Tool
Show/hide Grid Tool
Undo tool
Redo Tool