Security / Buildings



The Fort is responsible for recruiting and housing your city garrison. Providing a supply of weapons is available in the warehouse, troops will contstantly be created in that fort until all three barracks are full. You may have a total of three forts per city. For more information on soldiers, see this page.

Cost: 1000 Denarii

Sword Maker

The sword maker will create swords for your legionnaires and store them in the warehouse. But he must have a supply on iron in the warehouse first.

Cost: 500 Denarii

Javelin Maker

The javelin maker will supply you with a supply of javelins for troops, but a supply of wood is needed in the warehouse first.

Cost: 300 Denarii

Watch Tower

This will defend your city against wild animals such as lions.

Cost: 200 Denarii

Fire Watch

The fire watch will put out any fires near your city, but a well must be placed as this is where the water supply comes from.

Cost: 200 Denarii

Stone Wall

This will stop barbarians from entering the city.

Cost: 8 Denarii

Stone Tower

This is a way for your troops to get up onto the city walls.

Cost: 400 Denarii

City Gate

This will allow people to get in and out of the city walls.

Cost: 100 Denarii