Freeplay a Kingmaker

  • Stronghold 2 Map Design
  • 3 mins

By Lord Vetka

I discovered, and I'm probably not the only one, that you can take a kingmaker map and play it with every thing working, but without an AI Lord on the map with all the other spots being village estates, and have your own estate with what ever start conditions you set up. This makes for good practice using villages and carter posts.

For those of you who are not familiar with the map editor, here is a detailed list of what you need to do.

1- On the main start screen there is an icon that says, Map Editor. Click this icon.

2- On the bottom left of the screen is the load icon, click this, pick a kingmaker map and click the load icon.

3- Above the box with your map are 4 icons make sure the kingmaker icon is highlighted. Now click the edit icon on the lower right.

4- Now you should see your map and the editor panel at the bottom of the screen. To the right is an icon with a tree on it, click this.

5- Find a spot on the map where you can put a small box about the size of an ordinary building that's out of the way.

6- The terrain editor should be showing, there is an up and down row of 7 icons to the left. Click the icon at the bottom with the flag and a dotted square.

7- The map should be covered in colored patches, in the editor panel there is a double row of colored icons, pick a color not being used on the map, if all the colors are used pick a color used for one of the village estates.

8- Now place a small square of color on the spot you picked out earlier, on the right of the editor is an icon with wavey yellow lines and 2 apposing arrows if you click this icon you will get a grid, use the grid to place about 12-25 squares of the color you picked out, or you can change brush size by clicking one icon in the box to the right that has 9 squares with different size dots, the middle dot will give you a spot with 25 squares with one click on your map.

9- To the right of the colored icons is an icon with a castle, click this icon and place the flag in your square, make sure the castle icon is highlighted.

10- To the left is an icon with a left facing arrow click this icon, now you can click on the save icon, I like to add a letter at the end of the maps name(if you don't do this you will over write your original map), then click save.

11- You are now ready to play your map, go to the kingmaker start screen and pick the map you just saved, place an AI Lord into the square you made (you can't see the square but you will see a castle icon). If the square is small, it can be tricky. Do not place any other AI Lords.

12- Now you can set the start conditions for yourself and click on the start icon.

You can do this with other types of SH2 maps but they have to be converted to a Kingmaker first.

An example map can be found here.

Enjoy a new freeplay experience!