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A cartoon I would like to find

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Hey, guys!


Recently I have managed to find one cartoon which I really liked as a kid. It's this one, and it has been translated in Serbian as "Discoveries Without Limits". It is, in a way, a documentary. Quite interesting, two kids having a question in the beginning of the episode, coming to their computer, and then a purple genie called Jinni would come out of the computer and start explaining stuff to the kids.


But later I saw that this cartoon is not the only one I was looking for. There was another cartoon, and this one was specifically about America and its history. I am a 90's kid (I was born in 1989, and I used to watch this cartoon in the 90's), so I believe is a cartoon from late 80's, or something like that. They have covered many topics about American history (by America I mean the two America's by the way, or at least I think this was about the two America's), including Vikings exploring North America, and native American cities, cultures, etc... Unfortunately, I don't remember much from this series, I don't remember any names, and even though I would recognize the intro song of the cartoon, I don't remember the text of the song.


I hope some of you could help me to find out what cartoon this is. :) Just give me some suggestions about some cartoons on this topic, and hopefully at least one of your suggestions will be the one I would love to find. :)

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Hm, the two cartoons I can think of that dealt with American history are Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego and the other is Liberty Kids. The first one I mentioned is probably it since it has a catchy theme song and came out several years earlier. :)


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Sorry for replying somewhat late. Actually, you were closer with the second one, Liberty's Kids. That's more like it, but it's still not it. :( The theme song of this cartoon I was referring too had the word "America" so many times appearing in it. Now I feel so bad that I didn't understand English well back than, so I really don't know what the theme song was, but it was something like "tana nana na America, tana nana na America...". :D I mean, who knows, maybe the theme song wasn't in English at all. :( But I don't remember the song being childish, or something like that.


If you have any other idea, that would be awesome. :)

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I have found my cartoon completely by accident, I was looking into some other cartoons. :D It's A Thousand and One... Americas.



It's a Spanish cartoon was dubbed into many languages I see, such as English, Serbian, Hungarian, etc. You may have a look at it. Here is one episode in English.


Here is an episode in Serbian as well. :)


The cartoon is about America from the time before Columbus. :)

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