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A few questions about using siege equipment.

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I recently started playing Stronghold Crusader HD (sometimes Extreme) and i wanted to ask you fellas a few questions:


When i have 40 engineers selected and i want them to make 20 catapults, i need to mouse-click the catapult icon 20 times and then click a location 20 times?

Is there any faster way of doing this, like a hotkey/keybind or a shortcut for the ?build catapult? icon?


Is there a way to quickly resupply multiple catapults with rocks?

When i select my 5 catapults and click the ?stone to rock? resupply button nothing happens? even though i have over 300 stone on my stockpile.

But when i resupply one by one catapult (individually) it works normally.


I am having trouble making Ladderman and Siege Towers actually ?dock? with any enemy wall.

No matter what kind of a wall i try to click both the Ladderman and the Siege Towers display that red ?cross? icon, like i am doing something incorrectly.

Are there some types of walls that Ladderman and Siege Towers can not ?dock? with, or some rules that prevent them from working properly?


Thank you for reading and helping me out :)

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Sadly, I'm no expert with this game, however...


I am having trouble making Ladderman and Siege Towers actually ?dock? with any enemy wall.

From what I've played recently (only tested with stone walls) with a siege tower you select attack and place it up against the wall. As simple as that :)?well it should be. Perhaps certain walls are different :P

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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Well, on your first 2 questions, it is as you say. You have to do it one by one and there is - at least as far as I know - no shortcut.



To dock laddermen and siege towers to walls, you have to make sure that there is enough space in front of the wall; otherwise they won't be able to dock on. I usually take a few macemen forward together with my tower and when the tower gets near I let them run out and destroy any buildings near the wall. Apart from that I think small walls are not accessible by ladders and towers, but I am not sure about that fact.


Let me know if you still have trouble with ladders and towers and I will take a close look at it.

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