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Mathew Steel

Connecting a SATA drive to an ATA connector!

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If you have been, or are in, a situation like myself, then you'll notice there aren't a lot of options. I refer to connecting an SATA drive to an ATA connector. A lot of PC motherboards use ATA connectors over SATA. Now there is actually an easy fix.


I introduce, the SATAPOW. It's simple. It comes with a SATA 22-pin (although you can get different ones), with a power cable (10-inch or 18-inch) as well as a female ATA connector. Simply connect the SATA connector, connect the two ATA connections and connect the power cord to a SATA 2/3 slot and voila! Power!


The device costs about ?5-?12 depending on how long the power cord you choose is. Although, I warn you, the 10-inch one is going to be cutting it short for a lot of PC towers. Just to be safe, and save you paying for two devices, I'd go for the 18-inch.


You can buy the devices from Amazon, SCAN, or from the StarTech website (http://www.startech.com/).





Regardless of what you may think, if you are using an SSD, it will not affect the speed. The device supports speeds of up to 6.0Gb/s. I have this device myself and so I can definitely tell you this is a fact!



Hopefully this was quick and easy to understand, and if you weren't looking for this sort of device, hopefully it made an interesting read. I wanted to share it with you, since there aren't many devices like this, for a 3.0Gb/s or 6.0Gb/s SATA drive.

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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