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Chestnut trees don't grow on green land

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This tread I created to let you know about one possible problem you might notice pretty late - after finishing the map... We all know that those three sorts of palm trees are growing in oasis, and olive trees grow on dry land, in Crusader, but you might miss this one. In Europe trees don't act like in Stronghold 1 - they act like in Crusader, which is logical, as it is a Crusader mod. Chestnut trees are replacement for olive trees in Stronghold Europe, so they don't grow in grass lands - they would grow only on dry land. All other three sorts of thees in Stronghold Europe act the same way as palm trees in Crusader - they don't grow on dry land, but they do grow on grass land.


Right now we haven't had any problems with that on maps that have been made by now, but still, it should be told - just in case.

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