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Gaming Event Template

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The main events will start at 13:00 (1:00 PM) EST, which equals 18:00 (6:00 PM) GMT.


We will be using Game Ranger. Look at @EaglePrince's thread here for my Game Ranger ID to friend me. My friends list may be full, but you should still be able to message me.


For those interested who cannot attend at those times: I may be available at other times during those days, and at certain times on other days. You can send me a private message over the forums to schedule another game if you wish.


In case a bunch of people jump at the opportunity, I will be accepting people in order of those who contact me (be it on here or GR or another way), with a few reserved spots.


Feel free to post below to reserve spots if you so desire, and if there are any suggestions for maps. Feel free to ask questions. :)


June 1, 2014; 19:00 (GMT +2, Belgrade)

  • Game: Stronghold Crusader
  • Version: 1.2 (non HD)
  • Known participants:

  1. EaglePrince
  2. Charles of Tour
  3. lord Chris
  4. lord Aleks




June 3, 2014; 19:00 (GMT +2, Belgrade)

  • Game: Stronghold Crusader
  • Version: 1.3 (HD)
  • Known participants:


    The idea is that the one who organizes the event should update these forms. This is the code of the form:

    [b]June 3, 2014; 19:00 (GMT ??, City)[/b]
    [*]Game: [b]Game[/b][/*]
    [*]Version: [b]game version[/b][/*]
    [*]Known participants: [list=1]
       [*]Player 1[/*]
       [*]Player 2[/*]
       [*]Player 3[/*]
       [*]Player 4[/*]
       [*]Player 5[/*]


    I hope this will help us to organize better in future times. Also, I copied some text from post of Charles of Tour, only to make an example. The idea is players to agree when they want to play, which version they want to play, and everything that is necessary, and to let others know what is the agreement in one form that is easily read. Also, non of these is not written in stone, so we may change the form a bit, if you guys have some ideas.

  • EaglePrince
  • Charles of Tour
  • lord Chris
  • lord Aleks
  • lord Vetka

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I have changed the form a little. The one who organizes the event will also write a town, so if he messes up something with timezones, it would be possible for others to notice something is wrong. I don't say it is necessary, but it can prevent misunderstanding.

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