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Scheduling gaming events

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Hi, I created this topic, as I believe we may function a bit better, when we want to schedule a gaming event. My motivation for this is our failure to organize ourselves yesterday to play Stronghold Crusader (some of us might not be aware of this, but I was in position to see those stuff), although we did have players who were willing to play. In this specific case, Charles of Tour was willing to play, and lord Chris was willing as well. I, as I informed you, was unsure, whether I will be able, or not. Nevertheless, Charles did come on GameRanger, and Chris did not, as he taught he wouldn't be able to participate this event because of the issue he's having with HD patch for Stronghold Crusader.


So, my propositions are the following - this would be, what we would need to do, at organizing each event:

  • to have a list of the potential participants
    (who said that would most likely join the game);
  • all of us to agree which version of the game we'll be playing
    (this way all potential participants may prepare their games to be patched to the right version. Also, it is possible that one player is unable to get some patch, and if other are willing, (and of there are not many of those "others") they may reinstall and patch their games to the version the one participant with the issue has);
  • to make two treads for the event, if the event is expected to last for two days (not necessary!)
    (this one is not necessary, it is all possible in one tread as well, but players should not be telling just "I will join, count on me", they would have to tell "I will come both days", or "I will come the second day, but I will be unable to join the first day").


For Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends have those versions that are common to be used in multiplayer, so this thing about the version is not necessary for them, but speaking about Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader - players of those games are divided into those which do have HD patch, and those ones that do not. Sadly, as it turned out in our attempt to play less than a week ago, it is not possible to play a Stronghold Crusader multiplayer game, when some players have HD versions, and some do not. I believe we may assume the same applies for Stronghold 1 as well.


Kind regards! EaglePrince

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Moving to "Site Questions and Support" as this forum is just for scheduling gaming events :)


That's a good idea. I think the first two will work, but the last one may be just duplicating posts unnecessarily. Maybe you could make a template post for organising gaming events and I'll stick it in the gaming events forum?


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