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Hd Textures

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Hello everybody! I am not often at this website. However, I am a great fan of this particular part. Is there a mod improving textures like HD (including units and terrain)

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Welcome back @Freedom! We've missed you :classic_smile:

There are a number of mods which have been developed over the years for enhancing the textures of certain units, however, there are no mods for everything. On most of these personally I've never really noticed much difference. But, like anything it really depends on your monitor and screen resolution, graphics settings etc as to how well detailed the game graphics actually are. I've recently changed my PC to a new model and I've noticed that there is a massively enhanced experience because of my newer chipsets etc. The graphics on the Steam version are also enhanced I think as well, but don't quote me on that one. I do know however there are some new textures on there. If you're interested in reading more about the changes between the disk and Steam versions, we have an article on that here.

Here are a few texture packs I've found:

We also have some mod packs in our downloads section as well, although these alter the textures in different ways:


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