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    Hd Textures

    Hello everybody! I am not often at this website. However, I am a great fan of this particular part. Is there a mod improving textures like HD (including units and terrain)
  2. Thank you, this is really valuable informaiton for me. ?I need somehow adapt to play on a map with no estates, though buying an estate makes the gameplay more interesting and easier. Recently I have started wandering if there are cooperative skirmishes played regularly against AI. I'm not yet good enough to play against real players. It would be exciting simply to exchange resources and attack AI castles jointly or assist one another in procuring foodstuffs, especially survive along with allies on invasion maps (involving economy scenarios) which are my favourite scenarios (Sorry if this informaiton is already available).
  3. True but I like having a large castle and premises if a map permits. I play with 40 - 80 men strong population which makes it difficult to maintain a sustainable candle/ale stock. That's why I need at least 4 candles produced at a time rather than 2 by default. Before a candle worker is back to bee hives these will all have enough wax to pick up. So, two candle workshops per 5 beehives is just enough. Although, having a large populaiton is advantageous since you can collect 100 gold coins (and can simpy purchase candles and ale) every 20-24 s! As the church and the inn greatly increase popularity (if set to 8, double ration) it makes sense to support 80 peasants. In this case, candle workshops and breweries are vital. With a smaller population this wouldn't be a problem but then I wouldn't, for example, enjoy hiring monks - cheap and not the weakest. I agree that on maps with neutral estates candle stock is easily replenished and what if you have nothing but your own castle, there are a few maps like that.? So, I would like to know what population size you play with. By the way, if you have a contact in skype I would enjoy watching you play some skirmishes against ?bots. Mine is youaresshittingme - a unique one,isn't it:)? Just didn't want it to be someone's clone I need to install v.1.4.1 to play a multiplayer if I get round to it (mine is 1.4). I've never played SH 2 in a multiplayer, do I need to log in somewhere else? ?
  4. I know it is still early in some countries, so good morning/afternoon/evening! I've tried browsing Internet for any information on how to edit (if possibel at all) some SH 2 files so as to adjust some economy buildings to produce more. (Sorry, if there is already an answer somewhere on the forum) For example, I personnaly don't like it when a candle worker only makes a couple candles at a time, which is so little!(Often there is not enough space on the map to provide optimal production to maintain 80 people). The same concerns apple farms and brewery. Is it actually feasible to alter such configuraiton/settings files? And what files exactly are those? And I don't know which program is designed to open them as I'm not sure what files/file extensions are used. There can be some other files to edit or adjust that I haven't considered altering yet. Many thanks to everyone for assistance:)
  5. The follwing idea suddenly occurred to me: does AI in Stronghold 2 ever hire stronger units like assassins, knights or horseback archers?. If not so how can I edit/what files to edit to "enable" this option (if any)? And another question is? how to make AI smarter - make it use various siege weapons such as? trebuchets, sap shields, burning carts etc? It was previously mentioned that Steam Edition for Stronghold 2 is under developemnt as far as I remember and of course some source code is to be revealed. Hopefully, this is the only reason why not make changes. Are Firefly actually in the know/will consider potential improvements to the game? (unless this is related to the source code).
  6. Hello everybody!? I was thinking of some priority points from the suggestions list for Stronhold 2. I'd like to know if it is feasable at first to make automarket, seasons and better unit textures (for all units) in Stronhold 2 in the nearest future (not much better, just a little would do). Personally, for example, I don't ? quite like seeing crossbowmen or archers running around with unfinished crosbows and bows. Maybe, it woudn't be much of a trouble for a competent modder. If it were any other strategy game, that woudn't matter much. I don't mean Firefly as they are being engaged in different stuff at the moment (I'm doing dustice to them fo making such a great game). Though who can if not them?
  7. Anyway, with or without supernatural creatures, Stronghold 2 is one of the best strategies, to my mind. I'm staying subscribed, if any more news is reported on my idea or some points in the official list. I hope there are individual modders who may be interested apart from Firefly. Do you think it is difficult/takes long for a good modder to make a mod like that? (adding 8 creatures that were in question). I'm just interested). Is it hard to learn modding on my own?. Or is it worth at all? I mean just for my specific purpose (the above mod we talked about)?
  8. To EaglePrince. Well, all those animations - feasts directly in the castle, dancing and the royal/kithen service with pages brining food to the royal table, that's cool! When you are tired of war it is "relaxing" to take a quick look at what's going in the castle and outside (the chief cook and her assistents are actually busy in the kitchen cooking (don't know how they are called in English), plus the lady's ward which makes castle management more realistic. And of course the church service! I noticed that AI lords do not at all have sanitary structures, falcons and the court building with executioners building and torture facilities (e.g. scaffold and others), the pub where you actually see lord's workers (gardeners, blacksmiths ...) getting drunk by sitting? right there in the building! Of course if all that is? sometime included in Stronghold Legends I will certainly play it. But isn't it easier to just add 8 units from Stronghold Legends instead with a dedicated (is correct to say dedicated?) building than vice versa? As I posted before and following what you said, I would even pay anyone competent enough for making this mod. Ah, plus I would like some units like horsback arabian archers, assassins, thieves? in Stronghold Legends. Thanks for showing interest
  9. The thing is I'm a newcomer here. I wanted to delete my posts on my own, just did'nt know how. So, I'll just stay subscribed to the topic. May I then clarify what is the priority for mods/addons to be made according to your list? For my future reference, shall I state the person in my post whom I directly address to or it is not necessary? So, as you replied, nothing has been decided yet upon which mod/mods are going to be in progress at an early date. Thank you anyway for the information currently provided.
  10. Nice suggestions! But I'd like to know if anyone is or will work anytime soon on the suggestion to add units from Stronghold Legends 2. Not all of them, just 8 to my liking: 1 witches, 2 werewolves 3 wizard 4 sorcerer 5 ice queen 6 giants 7 gragons - all hired in an individual building just like the mercenary market (8 units) or the barracks (8 units too). I guess Stronghold 2 fans would really appreciate that, if not so, I woudn't even grudge any funds for such an addon/mod! One more thing: is it possible to simply replace some units I personnally don't often use (for example, macemen or soldiers with boats on their backs) by some from Stronghhold Legends using only game directories of both STR 2 and STR Legends? If you know such modders or anything related to this modifications let me know asap. Thank you in advance
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