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Stronghold Legends 4th Skirmish Trail Arthur's Challenge + Bonus Content

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Stronghold Legends has an exclusive bonus trail (Arthur's Challenge) that was originally only released with the Gold disk version of the game. This means that without this version, you had no way of being able to collect all the awards or completely finish the game.

However, Firefly have since released the 4th exclusive bonus trail as an addon application, which I have sourced and uploaded to our downloads section, available here. You only need to use this application if you are still using a disk version of the game, which is not the Gold version. The 1.3 Steam version already has this trail included within it.

Along with the 4th Stronghold Legends Trail, you will also receive 23 new bonus maps, including:

  • 2 new King of the Hill maps and 2 new Capture the Flag maps
  • 6 new Deathmatch maps for varying numbers of players
  • 3 custom designed user missions from varying members of Firefly Studios
  • The exclusive 4th Stronghold Legends Trail Arthur's Challenge

Once you have installed this, run the game and head over to the Skirmish Trails screen, where the 4th Trail will automatically be included.


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