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  1. well i got stronghold crusader HD working (steam share thanks to a friend) bad news its version 1.3
  2. I know I cant even get it off the disk just like the instal it get to 85% and bam error
  3. yh my error is data2.cab data error (cyclic redundancy check) which according to firefly FAQ is due to damage disk but my disk had a little scratch on there but it let me install it on my mates old crappy comp before he fully upgraded to a decent gaming rig the disk litrally hasn't changed lol
  4. I think its to do with OS and disk reader and other variables
  5. well of the firefly forums even they said try copying the files to get around the issue lol and as it worked on my mates one before I might try another computer it wont work on my mates again though as he upgraded a lot as he computer was really bad (trying not to use that magical 4 letter word :P) but count me in for today I'll have the issued fix one way or another it just the case of obtaining one file wont be too hard also I don't like daemon tools or image of disk emulators id rather just use the disk or steam, origin or uplay (there are others software company like GOG but don't use them)
  6. sure no problem and problem started happening 5-6 years ago. if I recall correctly I played it on a laptop at first then laptop broke within the year I got the game and got my self a new comp like a year later and it wouldn't install onwards but then didn't bothered too much as I had stronghold 2 and legends and original stronghold
  7. so this is for June next year as it coming to the end of June and June 1,3 already went unless you meant July 1-3 :P
  8. one sec I'll try installing again and type the exac error out but I already looked it up its says if I cant copy it to the harddrive from disk I I'll have to get it replaced or buy a new copy and I aint buying a new one as I already bought 1 and I doubt they still replace them EDIT: http://www.fireflyworlds.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=166&Itemid=242#admin Q. I get a feature: is_string_not_defined. error: data error (cyclic redundancy check) A. This error is usually caused by a damaged disk; you may want to try cleaning the disk first and then try to reinstall Stronghold Crusader. If this fails you could attempt to copy the disk to the hard drive. Using a program, such as this one to attempt to get the data from the damaged area of the disk: http://www.kvipu.com/CDCheck/ If all else fails return the game and get a replacement or contact Take 2 for a replacement: Click here. that's the error I get data error and its says the file causing the error is data2 EDIT 2: got the disk like 7-8years ago and if I recall correctly got it as a present
  9. it always happened by pure luck I got to work on my mate computer once and I copied the file from it before but that's was a while ago me and my mate and a few harddrive wipes and that since then lol so yh it just file on my disk is corrupt I trying to find a copy of the file online but no luck so far. unless someone wants to add me on Skype and send me a copy of the file be much appreciated. kinda gutted as the case I got for stronghold crusader is nice and the disk even better got red cross and that looks lovley lol
  10. there thing is my disk is in near mint condition
  11. ok I think my data 2 file is corrupt as I cant copy it to harddrive I looked it up my data2.cab file is corrupt I got the stronghold crusader version 1.2 disk copy
  12. stronghold crusader hmmm I maybe up to join got to install it first though EDIT: hmmmm get and error about my data 2 file at 85% hmmmm
  13. Yh I use game ranger it is great specially for games which has its MP servers taken. I been using it for lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 in the past. its easy to use quick to learn me thinks or it was for me
  14. I use steam all the time got over 100 games on there I find nothing wrong also the stronghold collection on steam has all the stronghold but stronghold 3 which is a good thing as stronghold 3 had so many issues and it hasn't got kingmaker/skirmish and the multiplayer broken so it hasn't got replay ability like stronghold 2 and legends has
  15. not 100% sure if il be on or not start if I don't show as I cant make promises
  16. gg lord chris finally manage to beat me thanks to binary next time I wont underestimate you binary lol
  17. sure tell the random guy that it being rehosted
  18. ok lordchris is in binary you rejoining?
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