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  1. cant join todays fight but maybe tomorrow maybe all depends
  2. my standard disk has corrupt file and the only other copy is the Digital HD copy
  3. yes but only has stronghold crusader HD but I am in let me know time
  4. sorry not sure if I even can make these as I might have a job interview
  5. GUYS lobby up still if you wanna join
  6. hmmmmmm wouldnt let me join in it just keept kicking me out tried restarting the game but says it in session and cant late join ect.......
  7. ok I hopefully il be able to make 17th game looks. I should be able to I just need to not lose track of time and miss it
  8. I might be able to join il let ya know closer to the time
  9. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2725154 if you play the campaign for 1 hour and try multiplayer properly you will see many of the bugs also the blackstaff campaign is broke as you spawn as wrong army so not even sure if it is completable ands the very first mission. I initially posted the buy link if people desperately wanna try it as they missed the steam sale on it but to be honest to god don't buy it if you played all the other stronghold you will be disappointed in stronghold 3 sure the graphics are great and features are good but what use is it if the gameplay is broken and cant play properly you will just get frustrated nothing more gonna happen to this game they have said its final version is broken I preordered it and nothing has really changed since they released it I know its the press fault for pushing them but Its firefly fault for giving up on it at its current state its just not acceptable
  10. ok lets starts with the problems. multiplayer is broken and wont work and if it does it will crash shortly after playing for a few mins. the new campaign broken you spawn as wrong army in first mission so you basically own the keep that your meant to attack and take. Troop pathing is broken. archer range is messed up when I last played and can shoot through walls. tower ballista and ground you have to give them targets manually when I last checked. and there bunch of other bugs to know them all just spend like 10-15 mins on steam forums. the game is barely worth ?2 and that's pushing it the game had potential but it crashed and burned and is not changing if lucky someone does a giant mod that can fix it but highly doubt it
  11. I do have the latest version yes and its still a broken early alpha game. as for the website I put. I wanna say a few things about it. 1: I il only post a website down to buy stuff if used it and know it safe, 2: G2A others G2A shield when buying of other people to make sure you don't get scammed buy buying fake code or nothing. 3: all of it digital and related to software programs that sells games such steam and origin non are disk related so as long as you receive it and it activated on your account and shows in your library you should be good. 4. not every game othered on that website is sold buy individual people some games G2A sells as well but you can get a lot better offers from individual people selling which brings back to no. 2 about g2a shield to help safer buys. again I will only post websites for buying if I know they safe and used it multiple times and as I mentioned I have personal real life friends use the website multiple times as well with no problems. I see what your trying to say but I just have say all this
  12. actually forgot about stronghold 3 completely forget it exists tried playing it today multiplyer don't work and the new campaign with gold don't even work you spawn as wrong army so you cant even complete the mission as the no keep to capture as your on other side your blue instead of red game broken and forgotten about they on stronghold crusader 2 now if they f**k that up im giving up on new stronghold games and sticking with 2 and legends and everything before it
  13. my friends use it and famous youtubers use it quickybaby one and I believe pewdypie used it as they had discounts codes for the site and others used it cant remember the names though
  14. its legal copy as it uses steam and steam only uses legal copies. for example stronghold 3 copy that guy selling in the link I gave is selling them as gifts as they in his steam inventory so what you got to do is login in to steam on website and when you buy it from him you will be put to a page where its being processed will take 5-15 mins or sooner if lucky when processed you will be given a link which you copy and paste into your URL and go to it and it will tell you if you want to accept this game gift so it will say do you want to accept stronghold 3 accept or decline you click accept ect... and it will be in your library. another way G2A does it if they sell you a code so it can be a code or a Gift copy of the game but either way its a legal copy if steam doesn't use legal copies developers wont use them and it will be forced to shut down but that's not the case is it so its all good
  15. nah its a website sells the game and where people who own a spare copy of the game like some who got addition copy in there steam inventory from either buying to many or got from trade or gift can sell on here for what ever price they put but if you feel the website don't belong I can just remove it and change the post but just wanted lot everyone know it barely worth ?5 in its current state
  16. if you would like to buy stronghold 3 to see how it is and don't mine using steam I recommend to get it from here https://www.g2a.com/stronghold-3-gold-steam-cd-key-global.html This is where I obtain some of my games and has not failed me yet the reason im mentioning this as on steam in ?22 and to be honest I don't think its worth that I like what they done but it all broken in some kind of way mainly multiplayer and the stability so with that gone its replay ability is not much when I last played and I don't think there has been any patches since as I last played when it went gold was the archer range is terrible on towers also don't like being able to melee the walls again its one of the reason why I like stronghold 2 and legends so much as catapults and everything have a proper use. but it did have huge potential and still does but they blew it and I think it basically dead now. I pre-ordered this game so I kinda regret blowing ?30 on this as it was not finished it feels more like a early alpha build than a finished product.
  17. ok created a map called 3 mans land ands it playable but gonna add some detail/small touches EDIT: ok map ready and on download central was a quick make but its decent
  18. im good for the 3rd between 6-8pm London time hopefully im busy on 2nd ,4th , 5th atm and I can create another map where you can build a castle as you can be attacked from all 4 sides if you wants it will most likely be a 3 or 4 player map though If I do attempt to make one
  19. cant play on 2nd and not sure about 3rd atm depends on time and everything
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