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  1. Maybe its good map, but not balanced, beacuse all iron in the centre and all trees around it. So, we can make better =)
  2. It`s one of the standart maps, forget its name. In the upper right corner is MisterEast. I wanted to record video of the game, but it was laggy and no possible.
  3. Yeah, its was for me too =)? But we played without borders and on unbalanced standtart maps. Anyway it was fun. http://vk.com/stronghold_mp?z=photo-79642167_392482855%2Fwall-79642167_692
  4. 17-00 in my russian time? I tryed to find some players, but I feel that we will play threesome and its no good. Or it needs special map.
  5. Ok. You in UTC+1 time zone. My host in GR is "Lord Banshee" usually. For me simplier to send you email than pm. So, when you be ready to play send me email and I will be host.? There are two 1v1 maps we can play. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqI7rArB1zvWHhqTHFjWmpDRWc/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqI7rArB1zvbWREU2xGUXFsa1U/view?usp=sharing I told my 1 friend on steam. He will join us. We need +1 people for comfortable game.
  6. Ha, you right. I know about word topic. Its because theme ? ???? are similar in transcription. When I dont using translator I start to make stupid mistakes =)?
  7. I will play. And I have some good maps. I live in UTC+3 time zone,all day will be free, so, you can choose the time. And see a rules for stronghold 1we make in special theme on this forum. I will glad to see Nigel and EaglePrince on a game too?=)
  8. Yes, it should be simple to count number of anything. Anyway, it should be tested. And 6 catapults may to destroy all castle in small time=)
  9. 1. You right about building barracks, EaglPrince. I thinks we can allow build them, but troops must be in castle or donjon. Its also protect from overflowing of armory at in early time. 2. Tools is catapults and trebuchets, yes. Speed of destroying of castle should be correleated with speed of stone production and also amount of catapults should be not to big. I think, even 3 catapults cause serious damage for enemy army. You can forbid to shoot at army, but?difficult to prove that player shoot on enemy castle if enemy army near him. Low ammount of catapults will not cause great damage, so, I think amount of catapults should be 1 or 2. If castle is attacked, you need stocks of stone for repearing or you should to countrattack enemy, but you cannot stay in castle long time and repear it. Also here reason why I not allow trading resourses. There is open question: enable trading weapons or not. I think we can allow it, because bye weapon is?disadvantageously and producing weapon is better in longer perspective. Also players usually have a lot of money and no way to spend them =)
  10. I thought about rules for balance in game. This is my ideas. 1. The initial resources - a little. 2. The troops - no. Troops for money. 3. Gold - 0 4. The weapon trade - on. Trade Resources - off. 5. Attack time - in years. After you can build barracks guild engineers and sappers guild and start a war. 6. The castle can only be built within the delineated area. Moat, oil and pitfalls can be placed anywhere. 7. Amount throwing tools - 1. 8. Acceptable tower guns - 1 mangonel, 1 balista. 9. No shield on walls and towers. 10. No cows. This is not last version of rules and need to checked in game.
  11. Hello, MisterEast. Its great to see player who like play with some rules directed to balance gameplay. ?If you dont like spam assasins and knights in stronghold crusader, you can play with us in stronghold 1. So. I thought about rules and create maps. We play great battles with EaglePrince and Nigel, you can found it on this forum. For serach info about you profile in GR you can found your profile by search nickname. (Edit ->User Profile, Community -> Find User)
  12. It will be cool if I win in HD =) I trying to change setting, but I not sure what settings I can to setup for game and watching without lags. It need be tested. Generally, last video in HD too, but quality very low. I want to increase it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I find optimal settings for 1080p stream and want to test them =)
  13. This is settings I usually use, because I using an external sound card and it very loud for me. I didn`t change sound before upload. Thank you for advise, I will make a sound louder in future. Also, in next battle I want to increase video quality.
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