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  1. The match went just fine,I really had fun playing with you two! :)
  2. Yes,Russian time.I've sent you a email,i'm ready to play.Read the email first :)
  3. Maps are downloaded and you are going to receive a email when we are ready to play. See you!
  4. Oh,no problem Banshee! I will download those maps but I'm not sure if I'm going to be back until 17:00 PM now,but everything will go well and I will email you when I'm ready to play. Tell your friend that we are going to play 100%.
  5. Ok, Lord Banshee,tell me in PM which maps do you have and we will disscuss in what time will the game start. Ok? :) Let's make something clear,I will not host the game before 14:30,I'm not home at that time.(Or 16:30 in Russian time :)),however,after 16:30,host a room on GameRanger and keep it there,I will come but I'm just not sure when. See you,PM me!
  6. So,is anyone up for some SH1 multiplayer?My Stronghold 2 call didn't get anything so...yeah... Stronghold HD,of course ;) When will we play,that's the question,and who will play...
  7. It's settled then, 19:00 is it? I don't think that other people will join, just you and me then :)
  8. Oh, sorry! Didn't see that the 11th is friday! Well,of course, we can play on friday if you wish. What time? We will play the latest version of SH2, I will download Stronghold 1 so that we can play that too, later of course :). My email adress is colonelsatoru@gmail.com (one of my emails ;p),send me a message and then we could talk in our language (normalno XD). As for Stronghold Crusader, I do enjoy multiplayer, just without "expert/pro" players. So, friday it is, I have school in the morning and will be back in 1 or 2 PM.Do you have anything to do tommorow? Thanks for the support, now I know that I can contribute to the community without having to create maps and mods! Thanks!
  9. My GR ID is: 7015495 Have fun!
  10. Oh, I forgot to mention... We will use SH2 rules made by EaglePrince. Sorry if my grammar is bad, I was in a rush.
  11. Hello everybody! I have just seen that you guys play Stronghold games together on "Game Ranger" and I am super excited to play with all of you!? I didn't enjoy multiplayer matches with "pro" players on Stronghold Crusader in the past, so I've never had the chance to be happy with "pro" players. I like more realistic matches, the ones where people won't place ox carts in front of your gates, where they won't spam assasins and knights... Here, I have seen that we have rules, great :), I would really like to play with rules instead without them. So, I'm planing a multiplayer game of SH2 with some of you, if you are free this Saturday, of course. We will discuss which map we will play on, here. I want to give my Game Ranger ID but I don't know how, can somebody tell me XD? So, yeah. We will discuss everythung here, how will we play and so on. I'm kinda sad because I can't really contribute to the community by creating maps and stuff, I can only play games and chat with you guys, I guess that is ok ?:(? I only have SH2 at the moment, I'll see to download Stronghold 1 too. See you!
  12. Thank you so much for a warm welcome! I am very interested in contributing to the Stronghold community! I'm not so talented with building maps but with some help I might be. Again, really looking forward towards 52 weeks of stronghold :)! So glad I've found this site! P.S. I'm also happy to see people from Serbia play Stronghold (EaglePrince)!
  13. Just as the title says, I'm new. I am a massive fan of the Stronghold franchise. I've played every stronghold game out there (except Stronghold Crusader 2 :() and I enjoy the concept and the design! Right now I play Stronghold Kingdoms and Stronghold 2. I go by the name of EasternInferno in SHK, world one, if anyone's interested. My favourite Stronghold game is?Stronghold Crusader, the best :)! I hope that we can have fun together! I'm really looking forward towards 52 weeks of stronghold :D! I'm a nice guy and I really want to contribute to your community, don't worry, you won't have problems with me I assure you ;)! See you!
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