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  1. Nope I am on a slow internet line the fastest speed I can achieve is 560kbps. I have managed to play around with some settings and get a constant 540kb but I wanna know if there is a way to increase my ping while playing a game.
  2. I would suggest getting some money and building a new computer. If you tell me your needs I can give you the price range that you would be looking at. I would make sure it meets all the criteria flawlessly with new and up to date parts so upgrading in the future should be easier. At the moment single core processors are out of date and most people don't use them anymore. If you want me to help you with any of the following send me a message :).
  3. I am in an area of the uk where internet isn't to great and I get about 47 mbits per second witch equates to 0.5 mbytes. Anyone know if I can decrease my ping to routers even with a slow connection. I have configured my router to it optimum settings and I get better speeds than most in my area. All that is left now is to decrease the ping. Any suggestions? http://puu.sh/hJbJB/6112f562e2.png
  4. Also if there is a better card than yours get that before you run an SLI or Crossfire configuration this will give you a bigger performance increase and leave you with a redundant GPU to do what ever you want with it.
  5. If you have a gpu try using the software for it to forcefully scale the game. This may work. A shot in the dark, but worth a try.
  6. The main benefit of having 2 Graphics cards is not actually the performance. It is the advantage of having more ports to plug monitors into. If your didn't already know when your run a SLI (or crossfire) Setup you will only see a 30-40% increase in performance. 50% AT MOST. I would suggest as a cheap option to use one of your old graphics cards (if you have one) shove it in don't sli it or a time fracture will occur and the world will end (not really BUT DON'T DO IT) Then go into the nvidia (or amd) settings and set the lower card to Physx only, This will put some of the load on the lower end gpu and let your new gpu have some breathing room to increase framerate and settings. This works especially well on multi monitor setups like my own (see topic for example http://forums.stronghold-nation.com/topic/430-christmas-gaming-setups/). Anyways this is my advice. If you want more information drop me a message and I will respond as soon as I can.
  7. The reason you were seeing msn is because it must have been preloaded in your browser. I would suggest if your internet fails call bt they have a 24/7 help line. when I was with bt I used to call it all the time. Even if I got 1% packet loss just for the sheer fact of when a bt admin accesses your router it gives it priority over other routers in your area for 24 hours.
  8. I am guessing here but I could be down to you using a laptop card and having a 1080p screen. Have you tried changing the resolution of the game a little bit down?
  9. Crusader1307 has been doing a great job as a member so Chris and I have decided to promote him to t contributor make sure to give him a big congratulations for being such a great member of the forums! Also the downloads are being redesigned guys so they may be offline for a few days. It is going to look very nice when they come back up. Be patient. Thank you, TemplarMERC
  10. You could ask a friend who plays CS:GO to give you some cards I know I have a bunch spare.
  11. What I recommend is you can sit AFK on CS:GO and that will give you steam cards to craft the next badge for your steam level.
  12. Hi guys! Me and chris have decided to bring out moderator application because we need some more active moderators. I will be reading these and so will Chris. Just a warning it is not easy to get. We are also splitting up the staff ranks into: It-Mod (in-training moderator) Now Community Liaisons Moderator Global Moderator Admins Manager Now Head Admins Webmaster (only for chris) Now back to the Moderator applications. The way it is going to work is there will be a topic that you can go into and make an application you will have to answer the questions and then have to right some additional reasons at the bottom (hint if you don't write the additional reason you will not get mod). After that I will pm you for you skype and I will interview you. If your interview goes well then I will assign you IT-mod. You will be an It-mod for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks has ended we will reconvene in a skype call and I will go over what you have done as a It-mod to see if you have proven your self worthy of being a full moderator. If you continue to show good moderating skills you will be able to progress up the ranks. Now I guess you guys are all wondering how I got mod and why am I doing this instead of an admin? well I knew chris from college and we are good friends. We were talking one day about which players we would like to promote but we wanted to ask some questions I said well let's make an application and see who applies hopefully we get some really good people that apply. Any ways I said I would make it and sort people out for mod because I used to be a manager at HCraid a Minecraft server. So I know what to do in this sort of thing. I will not be going lightly on the application. I will not be judging people by their previous posts if they do well in the application and interview then I will give them It-mod if they don't make it then, tough luck! Hope to see you guys applying in the section, TemplarMERC This is the template you should use when you are creating your moderator application. If you don't use this template you will be instantly denied! How old are you? Where are you from? What stronghold games have you played and which one do you play the most? How are you literacy skills (in English)? Would you be willing to come on skype and teamspeak for staff meetings and an interview? Do you code in any language, if so what language (you will be questioned on it)? What forum section do you want to moderate? What are you aspiration on stronghold nation? How can you help us gain more members? What could you offer us we don't already have? If you have any other special skills that could benefit stronghold nation, if so what and why? Anything else you would like to contribute to your application? (We would suggest filling this in with something so we can see how your writing skills are. Please make this section as long as possible. This is a big part of the application and will increase your chances significantly of getting mod.)
  13. Hey guys for Christmas I have upgraded my gaming set up. I want to see if you have up graded yours too. I want you guys to post a photo of your gaming set up. I will start with the set Up I have now and tell you what I got for Christmas. The new additions are the chair and the 2 monitors on the left. I love my setup and these new monitors. I should be getting a third shortly and play games across all 3 :3. Right now I can't well at least not well because when I scale all of my monitors to be one big monitor The old one on the right is fuzzy because it cannot go to a resolution that high. I hope to see what your guys set ups looks like I don't care if it is an old one I still want to see it *cough* Lord_chris *cough*.
  14. Most of the time when I see things like that I make a smart a** comeback to insult them. I play a lot of cs:go so I get these all the time :)
  15. Hey guys! I am here to help you guys on the Stronghold kingdoms part of the forums. I am new so bare with me as I learn how to use it. I play a lot of stronghold if you have any questions feel free to PM me. I am going to try and help out with as much as I can on the website. If you eed help in stronghold due to getting attack I will see what I can do, my friend hamgooof is in the top 10 for industry and my friend bomie is in the top 20 for military. Keeping this short and sweet. Hope I can help, Templar.
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