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  4. Hi, I am having problems in Stronghold 1 creating a map and then setting times for invasions, my aim is to build my defenses and economy and military then set opposing armies to attack me. I have done the map and saved it but when i try to set a new event such as an invasion i can't seem to figure out what to do. Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hey, always great to see you! [emoji3] Exactly, the auto-market is something I was hoping for since I was a kid. No more "your stockpile is full my sire" during long sieges.[emoji3] That thing would stop wheat, wood and iron from arriving into the castle, which would cause your economy to lag a little if you're not careful enough. That is going to be helpful for the armory and the granary too, but having your stockpile full could even cause your popularity to drop eventually. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  6. Hi guys, sorry for beeing absent for such a long time. I seem to spend most of my time on the official FireFly Discord these days. But glad you are still active and talking about the current games 🙂 There was quite a discussion on the Discord about "bugs" in the map editor, that allows mapmakers to create some really cool stuff: the magic eraser trick, the 2000 stone trick and other things. I think these are the bugs that Nick has in mind when he says that they will not fix them. Skrimish, for sure ist not coming and I could imagine that it would be a major re-work of the game code to achieve that. When the initial code was written, the idea of skirmish was not there at all. Larger maps, they are still trying to implement, but it is not easy and may or may not be possible. For higher unit limit, Nick is more hopeful and it is quite possible that we will get that. What I am rally happy about it, that there will be some nice Quality of Life additions. Auto-market will probably be implemented and I am hoping for a "recruit 10 units with 1 mouseclick" feature. There is also a demo on Steam (not sure if it is still available for download) and they have a feeback form where they are asking for our opinions.
  7. I think lord matthew was around as well... Anyone know what became of EL, Talos, koenfrancois, Sir victor the great, mehmet, etc?
  8. Yes Welcome...Young Knight! Glad you ''stumbled upon'' us! Glad as well to have you aboard!
  9. We are here, though not all of us were as famous back then at Stronghold Knights as Paul the Dubious was.[emoji3] I was there with the same username. Lord Chris was there too, but I don't remember if that was his username at SHK as well. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  10. Warm regards all, I was a very active member of Stronghold-Knights back in the day and in a bout of nostalgia I was scrounging the web for any signs of the old site and stumbled across this place. I recognize LptD from the old days. Anyone else around? Any news? WoS
  11. Exactly, Nick did mention modding, but it was my impression that he somehow avoided the question actually. Don't remember in detail. But Stronghold 1 and Crusader 1 actually never were mod friendly. It's just that fans had figured it out themselves over time. As for the bugs, I agree, those bugs that could break the game should be addressed, especially if some of them appeared in newer versions. And even though I personally would love to see all bugs and exploits removed, I realize that many of my friends find this game interesting especially because of those exploits. [emoji53] Some people just love to put 200 crossbowmen atop their keep, and watch themselves being invincible. [emoji1] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  12. I would do it if they gave me the tools
  13. I said on other places that i am fine with things like AI being the same, and i ultimately never expected something like a Skirmish mode. However exploits need to be adressed, at least some of more serious ones that could break, or even crash the game. I am also not a fan of lack of certain information, most of the stuff was said outright [which i did not expect personally] however some things felt avoided like stuff regarding 'modding' as Nick only really talked about custom maps. As well as what bugs they are fixing. No information about stuff like Multi Team, Player keep position, switching keeps or player change colour like from the latter games was even mentioned. Still, 15 euros is a fair price, even if they don't change much the native Steam MP support and Workshop will be nice enough, and i enjoy the visuals, especelly on the buildings.
  14. Today I watched a YouTube video by Firefly. Nick said they didn't want to fix the old bugs, nor improve the AI much, as the game is old, the players are used to those exploits, and so they don't want to change the old game. The way he said it, I agree with it. They could make the AI smarter for example, but that would completely mess up the Crusader Trail for example, and even some missions from the campaigns. Not to mention tons of the fan made scenarios! That could be an excuse, but I think it's a valid one. If we want to, we can always give huge advantage to the AI, that works too. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  15. I agree this far but I have to disagree with everything else. This game is a shadow of what it could have been because the micromanagement wasn't even really finished. The Lord was supposed to visit court and the the jousting tournaments. Recently I think I read somewhere that the Bailiff was supposed to actually go round and collect the money from the estates. These are all things that I wish we could get into the game, along with anything else that is known to be broken or missing. SH2 is my favourite of the whole series for its micromanagement despite whats missing. The interiors for the keep and towers alone make this a superior game to all the others and I'm not a fan of the games where a wall can be broken down with melee soldiers. The perfect SH game for me is basically everything from Legends with the micro stuff from SH2, but it looks like SH3
  16. I hope we can convince Firefly on Discord to perhaps remedy this, Warlords already solved this issue in like one of its first patches so they clearly seem to have knowledge to make changes, though generally i am happy with SH1 siege AI, they work well on most maps and its more about them going on in Numbers.
  17. Still, many of these things wouldn't matter if we, as players, didn't want to exploit them. I'd rather lose the game than exploiting the maze trick for example. Yup, it's stupid, but it's not a deal breaker. Unfortunately, we should be expecting much. These games were made more than 20 years ago. No way Firefly would try to mess with that code today. They'll just do the "simple stuff", make the multiplayer, and they will improve the graphics. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  18. Regarding the siege AI... This video review of the demo (in German) suggests that it hasn't become any wiser. The AI will happily send its soldiers to run the gauntlet maze, mistaking it for a breach in the walls. Which is a shame, because the power of personal computers has advanced quite a bit over the past 20 years, and the AI could definitely afford spending a few more CPU cycles to discern such situations.
  19. My memory might be somewhat imprecise, and, unfortunately, I don't have the game at hand to verify, but I'm pretty sure you're wrong about the availability of some features. IIRC this became possible only in Crusader, but not in SH1. I might be wrong on this though. Now that is definitely incorrect. By controlling an enemy gatehouse, I mean the ability to open and close the gate. This feature became available only in Crusader (and, IIRC, only assassins were capable of it). Yes, a siege tower can get your troops over the enemy wall, but it cannot be used by knights or, say, another siege tower. I recall seeing knights and siege engines on a wall occasionally, but making them go there is very tricky. On customised maps, stone walls are often used to imitate a bridge between two plateaus of raised land; however, AI enemies often have trouble using them. Even foot soldiers tend to attack the wall rather than walk over it, thereby cutting their own advance path. You're right about this one: SH1 has three different tower heights, five if you count gatehouses and wooden platforms. However, it would be nice to have an even higher tower like in Crusader, and also several different heights of wall. The reasons for this are mostly cosmetic, and there is a well-known trick to make a wall of any height in the map builder, but destroying such a wall leaves an impenetrable barrier of rock, which negatively impacts the playability of such maps.
  20. Hmmm, is this still being worked on? I think this is a very interesting project but there is 1 issue that will be annoying. AI Seemingly only read Castle01, and will ignore 2 and above. Ignoring of course Tiny and Keep only castles this means that if we want AI to actually use any other castle, we would have to constantly rename Castle files to be used. I find this odd as Stronghold 2 supports up to 4 AI castles per AI, so i don't know what Firefly changed, nor am i sure if it can be changed to allow more than 1 castle to be read.
  21. Proper MP is one of the only things they actually mention in the trailer so you are covered on that. As for AI who knows. Collisions i don't think would be possible since SH1 had no collision system at all, hell there was no collision system of any kind in these games unti like, well Warlords. You can already cap abandoned siege machines and any unit can already take over gatehouses, i mean its what siege tower is for, to allow you to acomplish that. Knights and Siege engines can already walk on walls if they are on same height plane [although i think this is just a bug rather than something intended, but it can happen] We already have different towers... I really don't get some of you points since they are already in the game.
  22. Unless they add proper multiplayer support and make the siege AI less stupid, it's probably not worth buying. That said, there is a number of other fixes and improvements I would love to see: 🛡️ Do something about the unit's collision boxes. Both the absence of collision box (like in original Stronghold), and the rigid box impassable by friendly units (like in most other RTS games) are very lame. I have got some ideas about the possible middle ground, but my voice won't be heard anyway... 🛡️ Make it possible to capture enemy's fortifications, units and infrastructure. In order of decreasing importance: Any soldier should be able to control an enemy gatehouse (just like assassins, but of course without wall climbing). Maybe also capture whole outposts (so that they can be repaired etc.), if there are no enemy units in the area. It should be possible to take control of abandoned siege machines. It would be nice if soldiers could capture enemy's oxen and drive them to your stockpile. 🛡️ That said, oxen should carry not just stone, but also iron and oil, and maybe other resources. 🛡️ Knights and siege machines should be able to walk on walls if the height levels match (and if the wall is wide enough). 🛡️ Build walls and towers of different heights (at least the options that are present in Crusader). 🛡️ Build wooden bridges over water. Fire and catapult stones should damage them. 🛡️ Soldiers (at least more expensive ones such as swordsmen) should be able to hold formation. The list could probably go on and on, but I doubt there is a point in this exercise.
  23. So 1 thing i always liked in something in AOM was more than the standard 8 players allowed, that being 12, its a nice thing but very rarely games implement such a feature, and this series even ending up lowering the total player count. One workaround is actually creating a War Custom map, there are 10 coloured shields you can put, of which 9 are AI, allowing you to have a very quiet but still a 10 player match, although you are limited to 9 Campaing AI, so you cannot have Queen and Bishop there. Plus you can only have 3 teams and neutrals, so Allies and 2 enemy teams. Though another interesting thing you can have is have 16 territories with all being AI controlled, normally you can't have multiple castles of same AI but if you first make them villages, paint over a certain shield, then place over Castle flags, you have now just made castle territories. 15 Olafs is not a pretty sight [ill put an image, you can only see 4 but trust me there are 15]. The problem with this is that technically this is all 1 AI, so if you take out 1 all will become Castle Estates under your control. This does not work with players, you will just get another estate with another Lord spawned but you cannot build any structures like Barracks or walls, while still taking your resources. One workaround i thought was to give some AI only 1 additional clone, so if one dies only 2 estates get turned over rather than over, so it would be a 8 player match with adittional castle each [which is very weird] Sadly Kingmaker is an issue, you cannot add more than 7 AI, and the game crashes if you Dice roll the game crashes if there is but 1 more Castle flag on the map. Ive tried some workarounds like praying to Jesus, MP match with MP AI mod, and not much else i could think off. I do not expect that game could actually handle more than 10 UNIQUE colours [i mean there should be only 10 Campaing colours, and black and white i presume] but if there was a way to SOMEHOW allow the game to do this, we could have 10 or 12 player games, maybe even 16, with all the AI rather than just being restricted to max 8 players or having only 9 campaing AI in War Custom. I am really wondering if there is anything that can be done to prevent that Kingmaker crash on dice rolls, even just that would be cool.
  24. It does look pretty! They have preview vids up on Youtube now. Hope everyone is well 🙂
  25. I think the conclusion is that you simply don't like this game. I mean, not all Stronghold games are supposed to be the game, even Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader are very much different games. Though I agree with you for when it comes to fighting. AI lords should have been made more carefully. They have fewer castles then in Crusader, and they put too few troops to guard it. It's not that knights are invisible, crossbowmen can cripple even knights of Stronghold 2. And in general, Stronghold 2 AI lords could have been made both smarter and with better castles. I mean, come on, William has a tower with a door towards outside of the castle. Other than these things, I do think Stronghold 2 is good. I get that rats, crime and gong are boring to most of people, but it is actually the one Stronghold game in which they took the most care into displaying castle life. And you just need to put these things in place (falconers, gong pits, etc.), and you're fine. You do need to count that it will drop your popularity from time to time, but I just regulate it by not putting the tax rate to the maximum, but something slightly below. By the way, there are unofficial Stronghold 2 AI castles that can replace the official one (but don't forget to backup the original ones!), and with them, the AI lords do play more efficiently. Not great, but much better! Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  26. That's interesting stuff, I like the fact that those lord's cannot be compared so easily. In some situations some of them are stronger than the other. For example, you put Olaf too low in my option. While his stronghold is too basic, and he certainly doesn't do well in deathmatch games, he actually rocks in games where you start from the lowest rank! That's why I like to play with him, and pair him with Hammer for example. Then Olaf can give you a lot of trouble in the beginning of the game, while Hammer would do any harm to you at all. On the other hand, when you grow stronger, then Olaf cannot hold his ground against your swordsmen. On the other hand, although Hammer cannot hurt you even then, it's more of a challenge to fight against his elite troops! That being said, I like your list![emoji3] While it is hard to compare them, your comparison makes perfect sense for late game. I might want to put Hammer higher though. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
  27. Hey, those are indeed good news, though we don't expect to much. I mean, we would get some new graphics, although the game is going to remain the same. But it's still going to be much more than what we got before: with the HD, some more resolutions were introduced with everything remaining the same. It's good, but it's definitely not a remake. Again, I hope that we would set least great some 500x500 or 600x600 maps, although there is no reason to expect anything like that.[emoji1] Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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