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Headquarter rotation.

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Hello everyone!

I want to make a multiplayer map to S1 HD (v 1.4) and i am not happy that i can't rotate the headquarter. For example the player who is in the upper right corner have the enter to headquarter turned towards the opponent who is in the in the lower left corner when the second player at the bottom have vice versa. For me it is unbalanced but nevermind.... :D?i saw on some maps created by firefly and players that some headquarters are rotated to other sides. Anyone know how to do this ?


Sorry for my English :P

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Welcome to Stronghold Nation. That this has been bothering for a long time, and I was experimenting with many things, but I never managed to find out how to do it. If there is a way, I would like to hear it as well. But maybe that trick with saving the map, starting a skirmish game on it, saving, changing .sav extension to .map, and then loading again could do the trick? But in that case you wouldn't get a skirmish map, but a scenario, though maybe that could be changed as well by changing the map type. There is a shortcut for that.


Here are those hotkeys.



Apparently the combination for changing the map type from scenario to skirmish, and vice versa, would be [Alt & ,].


Just a blind guess. If I wanted to experiment a little bit further in order to find out how to do it, this is what I would try. The issue here would be how to make the map forget the player who had started that skirmish game on that position, and hopefully this could work.


But I don't lay my hopes into this.


PS. The building you're talking about is called keep. ;) Some also call it donjon, but in the game they call it keep. :)

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