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G.M.B. mod v.4.3.1

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G.M.B. mod. Big mod for Stronghold Crusader!



In the game folder


System requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Disk space: 410 MB

Games Version: 1.3 HD

The rest is the same as that of the game



Mod version: 4.3.1


List of changes introduced by a modification and all patches of the original game:

- 16 computer opponents with improved fortresses

- Ability to change the level of the launcher through the AI computer opponents.

- Added 140 new maps

- Changed the videos and the church wedding.

- Changed all the wallpapers of the game.

- Changed the intro video games.

- Changed some of the music in the game.

- Changed the model of the church and the chapel. (can be disabled in the launcher)

- Changed the model of the Crusader Lord (off by default, can be included in the launcher)

- Added ability to change the color of the player through the launcher from red to blue (as the builder of the castle and the mission does not change)

- Added a special program to start and configure the modification by the user

- When you start the game the player will be different each time the screen saver startup (if you do not disable this feature in the settings)

- The player can through the launcher to switch to music before starting the game with modified the original. Similarly, an introductory video roll.

- Added label version of the mod in the main menu

- Added a shortcut to launch mod

- Added an installer for easy installation mode

- Added two new faces in the game (refer to the individual settings in the game options)

- Changed part of the icons in the main menu of the game

- In launcher added ****ysis of the achievements of "Hall of Fame" (basic statistics)

- Ability to fix black screen through launcher at launch HD versions of the game

- The ability to fix bugs with the game characters through the game launcher

- Ability to change the game cursors

- Can be installed on the original game Stronghold Crusader Patch 1.3 HD (1.3HD, 1.30.0003HD).

- The mod is based on version 1.30.0004 HD itself update your game version 1.3 HD before this (1.30.0004) version









Author mod: LORD_VALROY


Download latest link: yadi.sk/d/J1y8DxlisgdeS

(copy link to your browser)


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