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Mathew Steel


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What is your favourite music. So genre, favourite artist, album even favourite song.


Myself I'm not that into newer music, like Eminem or Calvin Harris (if you do not know their music, youtube it :)). I've always been more into music from 2000-2008.


Preferred Genre: Acoustic/Alternative

Favourite Artist: James Blunt

Favourite Album: Snow Patrol- Up to Now/James Blunt- Some Kind of Trouble

Favourite Song: (Although not made by James Blunt, the song has a lot of meaning to me for personal reasons) Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars


Post yours in a reply :)

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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Well, i do have a wide variable of music and genre. From modern music like edm or old school stuffs like disco, funk etc :)


Prefered genre : deep-house, funk, disco, blues

Favourite artist : Minnie Riperton, Kimbra, Jack White, Payung Teduh(local band from my country), Float(also a local band), Coldplay, Late Night Alumni, Swedish House Mafia

Favourite Album : undecided

Favourite song : Loving you by Minnie Riperton and steppin out by Late Night Alumni(both are going to be my wedding dance song :)), and Float - Pulang(it always reminds me of home whenever i heard that. You should check that out if youre into acoustic stuff)

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