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Stronghold Warlords Unit and Building Limit

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i would like to get help if anyone is willing to help me.

I have used Stronghold 3 makev tool to unpack .v file from Warlords and did simple mod to change max unit and building limit in Multiplayer and Singleplayer but when i zip folder and use makev to create .v file back (7zip with compresion or no compresion doesnt matter) game just opens and closes

I wanted to mod this only for me and my cousin and i am aware it cannot be used in multiplayer unless we both have this mod.

I really hope someone can help me with this simple mod

Thank you.

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Welcome to the forums! 😃

You should probably enable debug mode in Warlords - this is something you should always have enabled if you're playing around with the game files because it will alert you to any programming problems. It is possible that when you've changed the values, it could be causing some kind of mathematical programming error but because the game is handling it and error reporting is off, you don't know about it.

To do this, locate the config.xml file in the bin/win32_release folder, and replace 0 with 1 on the following lines:

<errordialog enabled=0 />   <!-- Enable/disable pop-up error/warning dialog. -->
<onscreenprint enabled=0 /> <!-- Enable/disable drawing Vision::Message.Add() messages -->

When you restart the game you should be notified if anything fails.

If all you've changed is a certain value, it sounds as if it's reaching an upper limit the game can't exceed. Either that or the .v file itself is corrupt, which can happen sometimes if the instructions aren't followed carefully. The following guide is for Stronghold 3 but works just the same on Warlords, this is the correct way to do things: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/article/195-unarchiving-stronghold-3-files


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