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  1. This isn't my favorite setting to be honest but I am really interested in seeing how this turns out. If this was medieval Europe it would be a instant buy for me. http://www.iceberg-games.com/index.php?dispatch=news.view&news_id=125 Haarlem, The Netherlands ? April 16th, 2015 ? Publisher Iceberg Interactive is excited to announce that they have signed a worldwide publishing deal for the epic 4x strategy game Oriental Empires (PC). The game is currently set for a Summer 2015 Early Access debut on the Steam Platform. Development of Oriental Empires is being led by R.T. Smith and John Carline, two veteran strategy game developers with more than 30 years? experience between them. Previously they worked together on the Total War series of games, in roles including Project Director and Lead Artist, and have credits on many other AAA titles from studios including Crystal Dynamics, Pandemic, Frontier Developments, and Slightly Mad Studios. Oriental Empires is a turn based 4X style civilization-building game set in ancient China. It will feature both single player campaigns as well as a multiplayer mode. Oriental Empires covers the period from earliest recorded history, until the widespread adoption of firearms (roughly 1500 BC to 1500 AD) and aims to realistically depict the world of ancient China, with a focus on the unique aspects of that civilization. This extremely deep strategy game includes both an historic scenario on a realistic period map of China, and skirmish-style scenarios on random or user generated maps. ?We are extremely pleased to be involved in the upcoming release of Oriental Empires; it really is such a beautiful, deep and elaborate game that we can?t possibly list all of its intriguing features in one press release. There are also many detailed future plans for DLC, user generated content and other additions, so this game is going to be around for a long, long time. Gamers can rejoice and get their first taste of a very complex and compelling strategy game come the Early Access release this Summer. If you love strategy games, you can't afford to miss out on this one!?, says Erik Schreuder, CEO at Iceberg Interactive. "We are delighted to be working with Iceberg Interactive, and very excited to finally announce our project Oriental Empires, which we have been quietly developing for some time", says R.T. Smith speaking on behalf of the developers. An assets pack with beautiful first screenshots has been released, showing some very first images of the game. Download the full pack HERE. Keep up with all the latest news regarding Oriental Empires check Iceberg Interactive?s official website www.iceberg-games.com. About Oriental Empires Step into the world of the ancient Orient. Control a city or tribe from the dawn of Chinese history, and turn it into a great empire. Develop your land, create great cities, raise huge armies and fight epic wars. Advance your technology, culture and religion to create one of mankind?s great civilizations. All the action takes place on one spectacular game map that brings to life the mountains, forests, plains and deserts of China. Zoom in close to review your troops and see your peasants toiling, or zoom out for a strategic overview. Plan your battles, end your turn, and then watch as your armies obey your orders, with hundreds of soldiers battling right on the game map. Key Features ? Start out as a single nation or tribe, starting from humble beginnings with a single settlement and expand your empire and develop your culture with the aim of becoming the universally recognized Son of Heaven and ruler of the world. ? Persuade the other factions to recognize you as such by either military force, or by diplomatic persuasion. ? Play as one of 16 different factions each with their own special bonuses or penalties. ? Vast beautifully rendered map featuring an attractive and authentic depiction of the landscape of China and Mongolia. ? Large scale battles with hundreds or thousands of soldiers, depicted in detail right on the game map. Watch skilled armies and reinforcements go to battle, according to the battle orders and formations set by the player. ? Fully animated 3D models, with variations in face and clothing for each model, including infantry, cavalry, chariot and artillery units, as well as naval forces. ? Long seamless zoom range lets you step right into the game world or zoom out for a strategic overview. ? Develop your settlements by constructing buildings and developing the landscape around them, build markets and ports to enable trade by land and water. ? Elaborate research tree including technology as well as cultural, philosophical and religious developments. ? Many other elements will determine the outcome of you quest for dominance such as Leaders, Sieges, Unrest and Rebellion, and Authority and Culture ratings. ? As Emperor, set edicts, laws and decrees to balance power and move into a glorious new Era, with new technologies and military units that change the game! Some great screenshots....... http://imgur.com/a/Li1BM
  2. It would be nice if Firefly would tackle this in the future but im not holding my breath. So for now this is just a "dream game". *Edit* The castle sim I was trying to think of is called "Citadels"..........Be forewarned by all accounts it is very bad.
  3. The only thing similar with this and EDOTMW,EE and AOE is the unique buildings/units for each Civ. After that the similarities stop and it is a full on castle sim with an emphasis on multiplayer/skirmish modes. Speaking of castle Sims are there any out that I am missing? I recall one on Steam{very recent} that looked interesting but had horrible ratings as well as the original developer abandoning it. The name escapes me atm.
  4. Anyone have any? I have one that has been rattling around in my brain especially after wondering how they could have made SHC2 better. It is indeed a castle sim with only 2 modes, skirmish and multiplayer with no campaign whatsoever. Instead of a catch all grouping of units/bldgs. this game would have various factions you could play as. England France HRE Byzantium Denmark Spain Moors Egypt In addition to the cover all units bldgs. across all factions, each faction would get 2-3 unique units as well as unique architecture for their bldgs. Longbowmen for England, Outstanding heavy Cav for France and strong infantry for the HRE etc etc. What say you any takers?
  5. I excluded the SHC2exe processes in Microsoft Sec Essentials a few days ago and figured it would help and I just crashed tonight in a 2v1 with a lot of bldgs./units onscreen at once. There wasn't one dervish at all but there were approx. 35 mantlets. At this point im guessing any problems are on there end and I really really wish they would get this addressed with a patch asap. The multiplayer is dieing a slow death which is sad because when it works it is fun.
  6. Well then I am going to host some games tonight and have a no merc post allowed as well as no mantlets allowed and see if there are any crashes. Feel free to add me and we may play sometime...... "Achilleslastand"
  7. Wait a sec..... Did I miss something or are you saying the crashes are related to using mantlets?
  8. This should be fun but I have a few questions and observations......... Taken from their official page........ " It?s difficult for developers or players to cultivate a multiplayer community on their own, but together we can give Crusader 2 the kind of longevity it deserves. We?ve learnt a great deal from Stronghold Kingdoms and want to use that experience to support Crusader 2?s multiplayer post release with content updates, DLC and events like these". Observation..... The game still has performance/crashing issues in multiplayer that need to be fixed before an official tourney is held. And they speak of the games "longevity" after releasing a product that still has issues as well as a very bare bones multiplayer aspect of the game. If they wanted to add to the games longevity then why not add a multiplayer lobby? Different game modes beside deathmatch perhaps? Different options for the host of game as well,perhaps making resources/wpns/food....... tradeable/untradeable? I get on pretty much every night around the same time and have seen the player count in game drop from approx. 1200 to approx. 300. This is sad and speaks volumes when a game like AOE2 has 4 times the amount of players online. Questions.... Will the maps be random or not? And what will the resource settings be. I always have to laugh at supposed "pro players" playing with resources/wpns/food on med/high along with PT and 500 gold. If everything is laid out for you whats the point of using your brain and building it up yourself?
  9. Yes I verified the steam cache and all files were there. It pretty much happens when there are a lot of units on screen at once no matter what map you are on. It dosnt happen all of the time mind you but it does happen enough to be annoying. I also notice when I have a full castle/economy up and running and I turn off all bldgs. to get a huge amount of troops quickly the game will stutter a bit. I wonder how much RAM and video RAM are being used when you have the max number of buildings and a huge amount of troops going. I really think the issue is on their end and not any hardware issues on my end.
  10. I just CTD out of a 2v2 that lasted about 90 mins. The SHC2 has stopped working error/CTD is very disappointing especially when you have time and effort invested in a game. This isn't the first time this has happened and seems to happen with more frequency since the patch before last. I have a system that exceeds their requirements with the latest drivers installed. I turned down the texture detail from ultra to high and this still happens. I already have bloom and DOF disabled as well as SSAO. Im very disappointed with FF at this point as this issue should be #1 on their list on things to fix not adding 8 new lords to the game with for people who play multiplayer will offer nothing. I know why you cannot play more then a 2v2 now an I am guessing 4v4s ran pretty bad which is why they disabled them. Here are my specs btw... AMD FX 8350 8 Gigs Ram @1600 Gigabyte HD 7870 2 GB Windows 7/64 At resolution of 1920x1200 Latest drivers..... Internet connection with good ping as well as dl speed. I guess I could put the graphics on low but whats the point in that. I saw someone mentioned that the reason shadows were not able to be completely turned off is that was built in the engine which reminds me of the latest men of war assault squad which has the same thing.
  11. The first thing i am curious about especially given that some are having performance problems is why isnt there an option to completely disable shadows? And also about MSAA i noticed there is an option to configure it in the XML files but not in actual game. I wonder if they knew it was a big perf hit and completely disabled it? I did try and enable different forms of AA via CCC as well as Radeon pro and couldnt tell any difference other then the water dissapearing on maps with water.
  12. Thanks all....... I have not played SH2 in at least 2 years if not longer so I may not be a "power player" anymore. Also a quick question about SH2 and Gameranger..... One of my complaints about SH2 was when a lord dies in multiplayer and the message "waiting on players" appears and the game seems to hang/freeze forever. Does this still happen or does using Gameranger instead of Gamespy help?
  13. Greetings to one and all.... I am Achilleslastand and found this nice little SH site via the official FF forums. I started played RTS online around 2003 with AOE2 and came across SH in a local gameshop and bought it as well as Crusader. I logged hundreds of hours playing the 2 titles on gamespy and it was wonderful fun, much better then any kind of a community steam can offer. In 2005 I bought SH2 on release day and in my estimate had logged around 1000 hours if not more playing SH2 online. I played Legends a bit and thought it was merely average and interest didn't hold long. I havnt played 3 at all but have done a fair bit of multiplayer in SHC2 and hope to see you on the battlefield.
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